Hello world!

We have been on to our clients for ages that you need to blog, but like the plumber with the leaky tap, we didn’t bother about doing our own…until NOW!!

Having just read Steve Noble’s PR 2.0 column in the weekly bible of Marketing, Advertising and Media – B&T Weekly – I realised how slack I have been!!

I’ve decided to allocate some of my time to the venture of a personal blog. It should hopefully provide some insight into what I am encountering in the contemporary PR industry. Real thoughts, real moments, real opinion, based on practice and experience.So here it is, my regular ramble about our business, our industry, our clients and my often controversial views on the Health/Fitness/Wellness Industry. That is the last time I will use the word “health” without the ” “ as it really means Sickness – your doctor, the pharmaceutical industry and various other “health” professionals want you sick not healthy. They don’t make money unless you are sick!!

If you don’t believe me, go to your Doctor and tell him/her there is nothing wrong with you and ask what can you do to make sure you stay that way and even improve your wellbeing. If you get a meaningful response you have a rare Doctor – so please let me know what they advise!!!

But our clients want you to be active, free of disease and able to enjoy your life to the max.

It is our job to get that message to the community in the most effective manner and that is where PR 2.0 comes in. But more of that later. I need to spend 15 mins on my VibroGym and 30 mins reading, writing and preparing for the day in my Physiotherm Far InfraRed Cabin enjoying a nice warm 35 degrees and the rays of the inbuilt sunshine for my daily dose of Vitamin D.

Then I will be invigorated, my circulation firing and my brain active to maximise the day for me and those that pay the bills.

Rick Carter