Its Definately Not A Fad

Increasingly in our business we are seeing the need to use Video to tell our clients’ stories effectively. The Internet now affords us a cost effective delivery mechanism and the proliferation of simple but effective videos on the net (e.g. YouTube) allows us to produce it cost effectively by keeping the production simple.

The guys at Turn Here have some great examples of the sorts of videos I am talking about on their site and if you as them they will send you an excellent White Paper explaining the how an why of Internet Video.

A great tool for shooting an editing simple video on the run specifically for internet use is the Flip Video Camera … at less then $200 this is an amazing tool that all communicators should carry with them these days.

MyRaganTV have a great review of it on their site.. you should watch it to find out more. At the time of writing they are only available in the US.

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