Me 2.0

First there was Web 2.0 which defined the tools and tactics that have driven the web to be more interactive, conversational… a two way street.

Then I noted PR 2.0 …communicating directly with the market not just the media, so I started this blog to write about things I find relevant to my business eNova Communications in the Web 2.0 world.

Now it seems that if you have a website with Web 2.0 facilities or more specifically a blog on any field of expertise then you append 2.0 to to that business category …. so we have Health 2.0, MLM 2.0, Real Estate 2.0, Marketing 2.0, Wellness 2.0 etc etc… and just to cover the lot Enterprise 2.0

This raises the question is there any relevance at all to whatever 1.0 was ….. and now I am hearing about 3.0 what the hell is that?

But for now I guess its time for me to refer to myself from now on as me 2.0!!! Or should I perhaps change my name to Rick Carter 2.0 … perhaps?? Or would I need a blog about myself to justify that??

Or perhaps we should just stop defining and labeling what we do and Just Do It

Rick Carter 1.5(maybe)

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