More Gold in My BackYard

Even for a reasonably Net savvy guy like me the traditional media is my prime source of whats importatnt. Recent proof of this came this morning when I read fellow Adelaidian and Net Guru Lee Hopkins’ Blog as below.

Shai is one of the 50 most influential female bloggers

Adelaide blogging legend Shai Coggins Our very own (as in ‘lives in Adelaide, Australia’) blogging femme fatale, the fabulous Shai Coggins, has been nominated 11th most influential female blogger by the team at North x East.

The list includes luminaries from many fields and despite its white, US-centric focus the point of the list is to prove that blogging is no longer just a club for tech-friendly white males.

I find there have been stories about Shai in the local daily but in a small geeky column that I never read…. but without following Lee I would never know that Shai was one of us!!

I just have to stop reading The Advertiser and spend more time using the net for Real News thats important to me.

2 thoughts on “More Gold in My BackYard

  1. Aww… you guys are making me blush. Heh. So, you’re in Adelaide too. Nice to ‘meet’ you, Rick. 🙂 Hope you can make it to one of our face-to-face meet-ups some time!

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