I’m Baaaack

Well its been a while since I broke the blogging habit.  I let myself get snowed under by all manner of things in the Social Networking/Media/news world!!!

I have worked out Twitter, updated my Google Profile, Read Countless  Blogs,  flirted with Ning, StumpbledUpon Digg, listened to the wit and wisdom of Seth Godin and Chris Brogan … set up Squidoo Lens for Clients… not to mention discovering the power and potential of VodPod, Sta.rtup.biz and eCademy…..  and then I found Google Chrome and love it.

But what do all of these great tools have in common apart from the Buzz ….. they can soak up time … and not necessarily get results you hoped for

social networks by Skampy
social networks by Skampy


But when I found myself sending emails on interesting topics I was finding to all my clients I realised I was on the wrong track……  I should have been working on my blog and attracting clients, prospects and anyone interested there….

So I am back with avengance … Stay tuned for more.

Any help I can get on continuing to find my way through the Social Media maze will be greatly appreciated!!

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