Has Email had its day????

socialnetworks2Having been hooked on email in one form or another for more than 25 years some recent research has been thought provoking.

I started using it on a large Corporate IBM Mainframe on the other side of the world when I worked for a large Software Multi National in the eighties. And then the 90s saw it as the vehicle that took the Internet from the geeks (like me in those days) to the world at large.

But now Neilson and Co., a member of the Dun and Bradsteet group who gave access to email all those years ago,  tell me that Email is on its way out.

A recently released report shows that Social Networking and Blogging are now more popular than using email. Whilst the research didnt cover Busainess email…  I think the trend is very significant.

While email has been great for one to one or one to many communicationSocial Networks/Blogging encourage Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer.

It is the potential efficiency of communication and collaboration that will see various forms of Social Networks emerge and overtake the role of email.  Whilst many businesses look at Facebook etc as a time waster they should be looking at how to harness the power insted.

Perhaps with tools like Blellow ….  Blellow is a fascinating collaboration tool a bit like Yammer but Blellow allows you to create groups based on projects – a bit like Twitter meets LinkedIn and beyond!

With Social Networking being a global phenomenon, the reach is virtually limitless too. In Brazil 23% of time spent on the Net is spent on Social Networks and Blogs, while in Germany it has gone from 39% at the end of 2007 to 51%  at the end of last year.

Email has been a great one to one medium where the new tools are all about building communities and connecting with people you know.

One thought on “Has Email had its day????

  1. Email isnt dead! Its has been an extremely effective tool for person to person communication and like any good workshop, it is one of the many and growing list of online tools at our disposal which enables ordinary people to communicate with one another.

    My businesses wouldn’t exist if it werent for the power of email as means of instantaneous information exchange, but like websites, the role of email will evolve and change as our behaviours and work practices evolve as they continuously adapt to the brave new world we are living in right now.

    Authors like Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were genius visionaries of their day and its time I start reading their novels again to reflect on how much of our world as it stands right now they predicted over a century ago, and how much we can learn from its perils if it goes astray when basic human morals and values are degraded and abused.

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