Eric is Right … again!

die-press-release-141x220In my previous post I included an email from a client (Eric) who among other things said most blogs were simply people repeating things others wrote.

Well I am about to prove him right again! I am not sure about others but this blog exists as a repository of useful info I find with my interpretation added or merely my endorsement.

I find this a useful approach to build a history (a weblog) of my thoughts/views in this area and a repository for my clients.

Today a post by David Henderson – author, journalist one of my favorite bloggers/writers on PR topics sparked my interest.

For many years we have known the Press/Media Release doesn’t work but we have churned them out because we couldn’t think of any better way and/or the clients expect them and measure your productivity by them.

David today highlights what Journalists expect and how their needs can be easily met simply and easily.  His recommended approach has worked well for us … so its great to hear we are on the right track.

Below is an excerpt that took my fancy but ….It is well worth visiting his blog to read his thoughts in full and in fact well worth downloading his eBook and then buying the book.

I know that most news releases today have morphed into something else that’s not really intended for the media but rather as self-serving promotion for organization, glowing announcements of generally trivial nature to make the suits in the corner offices happy. But the morphing has polluted the media waters, and here’s why – many PR agencies today are shoveling out news releases to the media in a style that has not changed much for decades, except that today’s digital delivery methods have replaced envelopes, stamps and fax machines. It no longer works.

I have also taken the liberty to re-use the graphic from David’s blog and add his credit to Tom Foremski and SiliconValleyWatcher for the Die Press Release graphic. It’s from a story Tom wrote on the subject in 2006.

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