It works for me…..

LinkedInThis week I had a meeting with a colleague,  Mark Aiston, who is about to launch an incredible on-line media training service . We were talking about how to utilise Social Media Marketing to reach his target market and in particular LinkedIn.

After explaining the how and why and the contacts I had made etc Mark asked “But have you developed any business from it.”  I was able to very quickly respond “Yes! I have.”

I recalled how I had Linked to a person who had asked a question in the LinkedIn Q&A section within PR group

“Can anyone recommend a strong PR firm based in New Zealand or Australia, with a consumer focus?”

Having responded briefly with an outline of who we were the prospective client was able to check us on LinkedIn and in particular read some very relevant recommendations about our service.

“In the crazy world of PR and marketing its hard to find a sane voice in a sea of indifference. If you are looking for cutting edge and future thinking then Rick and his team are who you are looking for. .” –

Dr Patrick Porter CEO New Reality – Calif  US

“Rick and I have worked on many projects sine we met in 1997. I find Rick to be a highly creative, think-outside-the-box kinda guy. He is easy to work with but will always, always tell it like it is. ”

Dr Jaroslav Boublik February 24, 2009

“Rick is a very good people person, and has developed many key contacts within Adelaide and around Australia. He has the ability to promote both products and people in a professional and systematic way. He is extremely easy to deal with and always looks for win win.”

Mark Aiston – Founder MediaInsider, Journalist/Presenter Network 10 Adelaide April 13, 2008

Recommendations such as these prove the value of asking clients and colleagues to add a recommendation to your profile.

The prospect was based in the UK but had no hesitation in Linking to me and talking about the brief.  This subsequently lead to a meeting whilst she was in Australia and them becoming a client.

So LinkedIn allowed me to connect with a prospect halfway round the world and them gave them all the info they needed to assess us and as a result arrange a meeting that would not have been likely otherwise.

So I can certainly say that having an up to date Profile, some good recommendations and checking the Q&A section regularly has paid off. It has also proven that these days in our industry your clients can be located anywhere … and its great getting paid in Pounds Sterling given the current exchange rate with the Aussie Dollar.

Thank You LinkedIn!!

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