Its My Business and Your Business

stopThe ongoing demise of traditional media is having a major impact on a wide variety of industries not the least being in the traditional PR business.

So in putting together the Grumpy Old Mangers Guide to Social Networking we are highlighting the opportunities that this change opens for our business as well as many others aiming to attract consumer attention.

When I head renowned PR Industry Guru Brian Solis say “while some are already predicting the death of PR, I fundamentally believe it is the death of PR as we know it.” I sit up and take notice. But I am somewhat relieved when he he goes on to say “As long as communications professionals want to learn and improve their craft, then we are positioned for evolution.”

We began this evolution to PR2.0 using the tools e and tactics of Web 2.0 around 2 years ago so we are now we placed in the evolution of our busines.  Now we are turning our attention to helping our clients embrace the same thinking in marketing and growing their bsuiness.

While many industry expersts predict up to 70% of today;s PR firms not surving while the ramining 30% will have to re-invent themselves I would not be so bold as to make such predictions.

However very rcently we read a report in the business section of The Adelaide Advertiser about a major business taking a strategic change in direction and targetting a younger market we decided to look at how they were doing this.  We know they are represented by one of this city’s prominent PR firms so we thought we may have something to learn…..   and we did!!  That prominent firm may well be one of the 70%!

There was no evidence on their client’s site of Web 2.0 – No blog, no Twitter, no Facebook, no LinkedIn etc etc in other words no clear attempt at engaging the younger market in conversation with a view to conversion. No attempt to build word of mouth other than via the article in the traditional media from what we could see.

Further while the PR firm does have a Twitter Account, and  a Facebook page they don’t appear to have a Blog and their website is currently down being renovated …   Why do people do that?   It is so easy to keep the current site while the new one  is being developed….   so I dont get why you shut up shop effectively while you paint the walls (do it when you customers aren’t around surely!!)

So here’s the classic example a company knows what they want to do in terms of marketing they go to the expert but with the world of PR/Marketing/Media but they are still not getting the right advice in our opinion.

As such I have written more on this on our website and then when the Grumpy Old Man’s Guide is launched soon we will provide the why and how to be part of the evolution in the way companies will build brands, clients and business now and in future.

While Social Netwrks and Social Media are the new and to sume percieved as difficult to understand they are mewrely part of the ongoing evelopution in communicatiosn that is The Internet.

The whole concept of the Internet was very much based on a form of social networking from the start. It has a evolved from Bulletin Boards, Forums and Email back in the late 1970’s to Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc today. The major differnece being today’s tools are much more urseable and useful as we set out to prove in our e-Book.

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