Do Lawyers Get It?

advertisingUntil recently it was rare to see lawyers in Australia advertise but now they are featuring in newspapers and on radio and TV advertising their wares.

Obviously they see a need and believe that this is the medium to convey the message … or perhaps they have been convinced by the ad sellers that it will work for them.

It seems a bit amusing that at a time when others are turning away from expensive ineffective traditional media advertising, some others are taking it up.

Although I wonder if we will see much of lawyers using social media marketing. Firstly they will have to provide something for nothing (as is the tried and true formula of winning business online) and secondly I assume there are some archaic rules and principles that restrict such moves.

But I can clearly see how Social Media could be a great way to overcome many of the negative perceptions of the legal fraternity and open up some great business opportunities for them … if they can and they really want to!!

I look forward to feedback and to building some Social Media plans for lawyers to evolve their approach to business … love to know of any case studies that I can use in my planning and presentations.

In the meantime I will make sure we send the Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media Marketing to all the lawyers I know and all the lawyers I would like to help!!