Plaxo is not Unyk

UnykLogo2008In my last post I quoted Shelly Palmer as saying “So the Internet allows you to create value quickly, but direct translation into wealth is astoundingly elusive to most people.”

This reminded me of an email I received last week from Plaxo. I have been using Plaxo for over two years to provide among other things a free back up of my Outlook contacts. Since I have been using LinkedIn I have not used it to build my network as I had but all the same a very useful free tool.

But now Plaxo plan to charge for the features I use most. They have offered a free month trial of this version which also includes other interesting features. But before I could sign on for the trail I received an invite to join UNYK a free service (can’t be that new – more than 15 million users and 784, 867, 362 contacts managed) that provides all the features that Plaxo offered plus the ability to sync with my mobile … and much more.

As such I have installed UNYK and ignored the offer from Plaxo. I guess that tells me two things – I am a typical Net user … I expect everything for nothing … and the moment one company has a model in place to make money someone comes along and offers what they have invested money and time in for nothing.

So yes it is astoundingly difficult to make money developing tools and services for the online market (like me!!) … but harnessing those tools to build a Tribe of support is where the profits are to be found.

Once I have used UNYK for a while I will provide my views but in the meantime give it a go … it looks good!!