Twitter – Does Traditional Media Get It?

Three items I saw in The Sunday Mail and on 60 Minutes TV Current Affairs show raised my interest in the traditional media’s use and treatment of Twitter.

Constantly the media talks it up but rarely shows any real understanding of Social Media and Twitter’s positioning within it. Hence at best it fuels Twitter’s short term growth by raising curiosity but rarely explains the why and the benefits of fully utilising it and the other tools.

A classic example was a full page story on Adelaide’s three most followed Twitterers by Olivia Watson in The Sunday Mail. The first thing I did this morning (24 hours after I read the article) was check to see if Olivia was on Twitter … not surprisingly she was not. Obviously she was not impressed by her own article!!

Next I checked the number of followers that 2 of the 3 listed in the story had gained in 24 hours. One had gone up by 500 to 10,023 and the other by 68 to 8858. So it appears the story did nosixty minutest impress many readers of the only Sunday paper in Adelaide (pop. 1 million).

One thing that impressed me in the article was that the second most popular AFL team in Adelaide has 429 Followers … over 200 less than me!! Maybe because they are hard to find! After several search attempts on Twitter I gave up.

The article seems to have failed to hit the mark as have so many in mainstream media as it did not talk clearly about why you would Twitter and the real benefits. Better make sure that Olivia gets a copy of the Grumpy Old Mangers Guide to Social Media so she can do a relevant follow up story.

The next item in The Mail to take my eye was a gossip piece on one of the judges, Todd McKenney, on Dancing With the Stars headlined “So I like Twitter get over it.” The article says the Channel 7 bosses are not happy with his mid-show “twitterings”.

But Todd says, “I like the concept of making the show interactive. I like to know what viewers are thinking.” Exactly!! Todd McKenney gets it but the Grumpy Old Managers at Channel 7 clearly don’t.

Better send a copy of the Grumpy Old Mangers Guide to Social Media to the Exec Producer.

Perhaps Channel 7 wants us watching the boring ads (that don’t work) instead of interacting and becoming more closely linked to the show … building a Tribe of supporters perhaps??

Then finally watching 60 Minutes at last I saw traditional media people (producers) that do get Twitter. They are encouraging followers heavily and as a result extending the life of the show over the week by seeking to interact with their audience. Building a Tribe … a source of feedback and stories. They are prepared to listen not just look at the ratings numbers!


2 thoughts on “Twitter – Does Traditional Media Get It?

  1. Great article – but can’t see how/where to download the free guide. Please advise.
    PS Now following you both on Twitter
    Chris Penfold @packaging_pro

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