Are you a Maven, a Butterfly, a Selective or a Wallflower

email_marketing black by emoner74The recent report by the Altimeter Group show a direct link between social media activity and revenue growth by analysing the world’s most valuable brands.

The report showed that those with the highest level of activity increased revenue by 18% while those with the lowest fell by 6 %.

The top five being:

  1. Starbucks
  2. Dell
  3. EBay
  4. Google
  5. Microsoft

These brands and others that have been most active in social media are classified as “mavens”.

In assigning categories the report classifies those Brands that:

  • spread themselves thinly across many platforms as “butterflies”
  • do it very well in very few but appropriate platforms as “selectives”
  • sit on the sidelines waiting as “wallflowers”

In a recent survey by email marketing specialist Bill McCloskey he has analysed links by the top 100 to Facebook and Twitter and found some startling results. Of the top 10 only Gap, Pepsi, Sony and Hewlett Packard have included such links in email marketing over the past month.

As such there is much scope for these and other companies to grow Social Media activity via email linking.

But despite this, what interested me most about his research was the growth in such linking over the past three years. In 2007 there were 215 campaigns with a Twitter link, in 2008 there was a 1,081% growth to 2,540 and in the past 12 months the growth has been 41,399. The figures for Facebook 729, 2,540 and 41,052.

So the message is – become a maven or a selective if you want to grow business and make sure that in email campaigns you get maximum value by linking to Twitter, Facebook and other platforms you utilise to build your network.

Once again the numbers show that Twitter is where it is at … for now!!!