How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0 – McKinsey

McK web 2.0McKinsey & Company, who are one of the worlds foremost business consulting firms, have just released their latest Web 2.0 Survey.  McKinsey who have been the trusted advisors to leaders of companies, governments, and institutions around the world for more than 80 years, aim to help our clients address their most important challenges and opportunities.

In doing this they regularly conduct surveys and analyse business trends across a variety of areas.

For the past three years they have been focusing on Web 2.0 and its application within business large and small. The first two surveys focused on how business was using Web 2.0 and now the latest survey is titled “How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0”.

As a member of the panel that has been taking part in the surveying for the past few montHs I have been sent a pre release copy of the report.  Whilst my confidentiality agreement prevents me from sharing the full report or any great detail with you I can provide a few snippets that will encourage to get a full copy when it is released shortly.

Overall the survey showed

“The heaviest users of Web 2.0  applications are also enjoying benefits such as increased knpwledge sharing and more effective marketing. These benefits often having a measurable effect on business.”

“Half of the respondents report that Web 2.0 technologies have fostered in-compnay interactions across geographic borders.”

“Over half the companies in the survey plan to increase investments in Web 2.0”

“Satisfaction with Web 2.0 was high among all users”

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