I need to listen to my own advice

bloggersIf you want to succeed with social media you need a plan which includes developing content, blogging and distributing your thoughts to those that may be interested……   thats I what I tell others.

Well for the past month like many of my clients and prospects I have been too busy being busy to focus on whats important and as such I broke the habit and then found it too hard to get back…. but now I am back to practice what I preach!

They say timing is everything … don’t they?     Yesterday I was sitting making a list of blog topics and working out what I should be saying to back up The Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media and along came Chris Brogan to the rescue.

If you are interested in the how and not just the why of Social Media you must subscribe to Chris Brogan’s blog as he provides the help you need and generally when you need it.

So I was delighted to read www.chrisbrogan.com/how-to-blog-almost-every-day as it provides some guidelines, tips and a potential structure to support my blogging effort and those of my clients.

We have developed a simple methodology fro Grumpy Old managers to get started with Social media a and we certainly be adding some of the ideas we have picked up from Chris to it … with full credit to him of course.

But more about that soon….   in our quest to turn the Grumpy Old Managers of the world into the Not So Tribe

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