Are you LinkedIn or just in LinkedIn

LinkedinSmurfsWhen I first discovered LinkedIn  and subsequently joined I was aware of the basics and not much more.

But in the past couple of years I have used it extensively and gained some great benefits.  Of all the social media/networking we use for ourselves and our clients LinkedIn has delivered the best tangible results.

We have made some great industry connections locally and internationally and as a result we have developed some major international business opportunities.

When I first started I really used it sparingly just to find people I knew and Linked to them never thinking that I actually had a development opportunity/responsibility in growing the potential power of LinkedIn.

So now I have invited everyone in my address book to join (something I felt uncomfortable doing initially) so that they can share in the value and I also tell everyone I meet in business I will invite them to join and why … and do so as soon as I get back to the office.

But it seems most of these people are not sold on it.  So often I see profiles that are basic token efforts with no more info … why would I be interested in that person?  Then there are the people I do know and invite to join a group or become more involved by sending them a message and then never get a response.

Either they have never gone back in since joining or they dont have their LinkedIn email alert on to notify them they have a message.

There are a few basics that can provide great value (such as logging into LinkedIn each morning and check your updates)  but it seems these days with so much going on unless people are shown “hands on” how to use some of the new tools they never get past first base … if they even get that far….. and never realise the possibilities!

So I wonder of the 50 million plus in LinkedIn how many are token members.  It would be great to get some stats based on the % complete  indicator one day.

In the meantime I will do my best to get more people I know more engaged … because I think it could be good for thema dn their business/professional lives.

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