Keeping it Simple … but not too Simple


If you are not convinced click to watch this video

Quite often I am asked what we do and how we do it.  People are very keen to know about Social Media but few still see the benefits and especially the need to hire someone like us to help.  So I thought I should write a little about the what and how of our approach.


These days Websites are all about Web 2.0 (The read write web) and interactivity between business – clients, prospects and stakeholders in general.

We specialise in developing the content once we have the structures right  (read write Website, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog etc..) …. but more so our aim is to teach our clients how to take care of good up to date content themselves rather than relying on us. We are all about helping our clients to build their brand but in doing so access their clients and prospects directly with a view to building direct sales.

While we rely heavily on Social Media we also aim to leverage Traditional Media (not paid advertising tho) to support our image building and brand awareness activities.

And its not all about Marketing and Selling  its about improving our clients’ business in the ways that it interacts with people. Social Media/Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging) provide the tools and tactics to supplement marketing communications, sales and client support activities which these days are merging into one – Inbound Marketing… people doing business with people they like!

Some months ago I wrote a free eBook (The Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media) with my daughter and business partner Nikki to help show business the What, Why and a basic How of Social media for business.  Our aim was to keep it simple and from this we have developed a simple methodology for implementing and managing it.

The process we work through with our clients is pretty simple

  • We run a seminar/workshop  “Is Social Media Right for you/your business/sport/charity/association etc” to cover in broad terms the What, Why and How others use it and end with some what ifs for your business
  • We develop and define a Pilot project at a minimal cost, which aims to produce measurable results and establish the structures which can be used for a broader implementation over time
  • We teach our clients how to develop, manage and maintain content (written, video, images, voice etc) which can be used in a variety of ways (blogs, newsletters, articles, eBooks) and places (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Newspapers and Magazines) and where to look and more so, listen for business and the opportunity to engage in conversations with clients and prospects With  the aim to develop over time long term trusted relationships and develop clients who act as brand ambassadors and evangelists.

Once we have completed the initial project we aim to hand over to the client as soon a practical and take a background role as a mentor and coach — providing ideas and enforcing some discipline to stick with it for long term results.

Our key mantras are :

Say what you be ….  But be what you say

Talk about the benefits you bring to others (clients, community etc..) not about your business
and preferably have others (your clients) do the talking for you.

Above all keep it simple and highly cost effective and make it a sustained effort not just a hit and run project.

We see the use of Social Media as not only assisting in Brand development and reaching potential “buyers” directly but also in establishing our clients as Thought Leaders in adopting new ways to do business.

I suggest to all of our potential clients that they down load the book…. check out some of the links (all avail from our website) and we get together asap for a coffee and explore the possibilities.  Demand for our services has grown dramatically in the past month or two as people in Adelaide begin to realise they need to at least find out what all the fuss about Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Blogging etc  is all about ….. in a business sense.

And I recommend that everyone I meet goes to YouTube and searches Social Media Fad and then watches the Video titled is Still think Social Media is a Fad?


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