Seek ….. and You will be Found

With everyone I speak to now wanting to know how to generate business using Social media I have finally realised the Internet is one big search engine.

Whether it’s what you put into your LinkedIn Profile or your Blog Posts or your tweets etc … it’s all about being found.   So when thinking about how you want to use Social Media to max value you need to begin with the end in mind..

So while I agree that you need to start by Listening (growing bigger ears as Chris Brogan says) you needed to think about what !  (is that proper English??)

Before you write anything you need to put yourself in the shoes of the Seeker/Searcher and make sure that you develop a list of words and phrases that you then use regularly in your profile, your status, your blog etc.

If you want the old adage Seek and You will Find to work for you in developing business make sure you always make it easy for those that Seek to find you but focus on what they are looking for and not on what you want to say.

……and no matter what words and phrases you use in your efforts to be found make sure you always Say What You Be …….  but …….   What You Say……..   and focus on the benefits you can bring to the people you want to find you … not just on how good you, your business, your people etc

Aim to develop dialogue not a monologue!!

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