A Snooze of Politicians

Mick Atkinson Listening? Or Talkback radio addict?

The latest Political News coupled with other reports in the past few days leading to the Sth Aust election next month has prompted me to come up with a  Plural noun for them …   A Snooze.

First, there was the announcement of a TV/Print media (aka Heritage media) using ads to convince young people of the dangers of speed and irresponsible driving ….   The ad agency obviously forgot to tell them that their target audience aren’t interested in Heritage media or the tradition 30 sec Shock ad!!

Then the Opposition Leader announced her plans to control large donations to political Parties Election funds ……  maybe she doesn’t know that Barack Obama raised $500mill from $3 mill people with most donations less than $100 by making it easy for them to become engaged and mobilised in the campaign…. by seeking feedback and participation.

But then again the first rule of Social media is to Listen … the next Converse…. then Engage …. and the very last Convert..  while the Pollies still prefer to use traditional expensive ad campaigns to beat us into submission as soon as possible!!!

Clearly our Pollies don’t get Social Media Power as is evidenced by their sporadic and highly ineffective use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs.

Then today the ultimate in naivety came with the highlighting of some laws passed some time ago and supported by both parties as reported in today’s Adelaide Advertiser

SOUTH Australia has become one of the few states in the world to censor the internet under laws created by Attorney-General Michael Atkinson.

The new law, which came into force on January 6, requires internet bloggers, and anyone making a comment on next month’s state election, to publish their real name and postcode when commenting on the poll.

Spearheading the new “rules” Attorney General Mick Atkinson who still seems to think that Talkback radio is the way to reach the masses (judging by his incessant appearances there) refers to blogs as a “sewer of defamation” and “identity theft and fraud”.

While the Opposition Spokesperson’s comments highlight the Pollies’ complete lack of understanding of what has been described as the biggest revolution in communication since the invention of the Guttenberg Press in 1436

Opposition justice spokeswoman Vickie Chapman said yesterday while the Liberal Party had supported the amendment to the Electoral Act, she believed it would be too broad to implement if it included Facebook and Twitter and said Mr Atkinson should introduce a regulation to limit its scope.

“It is clearly not the intention of what we understood that to be,” she said.

I think these few examples form the past 3 days in Adelaide highlight the issue and one that faces most business people –  rather than try to understand Social media lest pretend it doesn’t exist or even better let’s try and ban it … as they did the Mobile Phone, Fax and Spreadsheets in many offices..a few years ago!

But with 355 million plus on Facebook and Australia now leading the way with the average amount of time per day spent of Facebook……Social Media aint going away!!

LinkedIn is the worlds leading Business Network, with 55 million white collar professionals, who earn on average over $100,000. It is now growing at the rate of 1 person every second of every day around the world…. with 1.2 million of us now in Aust/NZ.

What a powerful force and a great source of feedback, engagement and even donations.

Perhaps its time for the Snoozers on North Terrace (SA Parliament House) to take the blinkers (or is that sleeping masks) off and join the rest of us in the real world of today and tomorrow and stop hoping the past will come back!!

Perhaps if we put them in for 10 years they may have time to take a strategic view of the world rather than the constant focus on how to get back in again in 3/4 years time and covering their backsides along the way!

Richard James Carter

326b Magill Rd

Kensington Park SA

ph 0412 813 870

perhaps one of the snoozers on North terrace might even call for some professional advice.

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