Government 2.0 – I this the future??

Based on a meeting I attended this week for briefing from a major State Government Dept re an RFI they have issued to develop a smart information system to better inform their customers….  I see an emerging new approach to doing business within Govt.

I am calling it Govt 2.0 as like Web 2.0 etc its about engagement and an open, honest two way communication rather than burying themself in budget constraints and red tape.

Firstly they want to undertake a project that will cost millions and deliver better service to their customers (ppl who catch buses) and grow their base of customers as a result of this good service.

Secondly, they have no budget for this project but are determined to find a way to deliver it for the people who use their services.

Thirdly, they recognise that they don’t have the skills and expertise needed and that they need to work with business ,….. but in doing so business must make a profit.

Of course there is a driving force for all of this …. the lack of money available and the culling of people …  They need to find new ways or do as Govt did in the past …cut service levels and/or increase costs and charges.

They believe the way to deliver this network that will engage, educate and entertain their customers is two fold … deliver Branded content (that is ads that support the community services messages and info) and sell direct to the public relevant services and products via that network (eg Internet service, downloads (books, music etc) to the traveling or waiting consumer.

But even more enlightening is that this commercial model  is in sync with the advertising trends we see .. that is ads that go with the content .. and ads that can deliver direct online sales…..

So they have given the challenge to business …work with us and work with each other to come up with a solution and participate in some joint success… and be well rewarded….was the clear message

Whilst they know what they want they have no idea what it looks like and how to fund it with ads etc …  That challenge they have put out to the market.

And they have given plenty of scope.  The closing words were “we have lots of infrastructure and assets that can be used to promote products and services…    ….. and we are here to trade”.

You tell us what you can use and how you can use it to deliver this project and we will find a way to do it was the message that came across loud and clear.

Government 2.0 in terms of open transparent commercial collaboration is heading our way …. at long last!!

Business bow has a challenge we never imagined …how to turn assets of the Govt into cashflow.


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