Suddenly I am useful and not weird after all or The day the earth moved

When Twitter first appeared on the horizon and started getting publicity i decided to jump in and give it a go. Given the nature if my business at the time I did it for two reasons.

1. I wanted understand it and see what value it added to business

2. I wanted to show my clients and prospects that i continue to surf at the front of the wave.

I quickly found that it was very useful and had great potential reach wider audiences with relevant content. I also found that contrary to public opinion it was not for kids like Facebook was at the time it was more for older more serious types….like me.  Why was that??

Most mass trends these days are driven by some form if celebrity involvement. In the case of Twitter it seems that the older celebs got to it first. One of the most notable early adopters was British actor Stephen Fry who garnered a serious and older group of followers while Oprah was another that developed following early.

As such it seems the younger Social Media devotees avoided it … at one stage the average demographic for Twitter was closer to 40 than 20. The the younger celebs like Brittney Spears and Justin Bieber jumped n board and the demographic headed south rapidly.

But a real driver of the Twitter phenomenon was delivering of instant news and the restriction that kept posts short and therefore easy to judge value and impact. The rebellions on the Middle East certainly proved the impact of the info restrictions.

But the instant nature and relevant and easy to interpret info had proven to me very quickly that Twitter was the most valuable of all the Social Media because I could get up to date instant trends and info quickly …much more useful as a search engine to me than Google’s mish mash of old and new posts, paid and organic, relevant and not so… and as such I had extolled its virtues to my family but apparently they weren’t listening.

But then one evening as I slept peacefully on the couch having been put into a coma by yet another night of uninteresting TV programming…a mini earthquake hit Adelaide. I was quickly woken from my slumber not by the earthquake but by my family wanting to know what had happened.

“Quick, get on Twitter and find out if that was an earthquake” was the cry from my wife and teenage daughters.

So I did and found there was … and 20 minutes before TV or Radio reported it I knew roughly where the centre had been and within 2 hours I was being told I could buy online T-Shirts proclaiming I Had survived the Earthquake!!

So instant news combined with the celeb factor has seen a very rapid uptake …. along with ease of use and the short concise info restrictions.

No matter if you want to listen or be heard by the masses Twitter is the tool for you

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