Disruption is a key to Innovation


The old addage about Consultants suggests that people hire Consultants to tell them what they want to hear.

But in the age where it’s Innovate or Die it’s quite the opposite.  A good Innovation Consultant will have little regard for how the business or industry has always done things and will tell you things you may not want to hear.

In a recent article about Johathan Mildenhall – Coca Cola’s Global Head of Advertising – and his first visit to Australia he sums up part of the role within a business.

In the past Coke has used celebrity ambassadors to promote their products and appear in ads.  But now they are utilising them in the business in key creative roles.

Rapper Will.I.Am, designer Marc Jacobs and movie maker Ridley Scott are employed because they have no understanding of Cokes business but they do understand what consumers want.

As Mildenhall says in the article…

“They are so disruptive

They have no regard for our structure, our hierachy, our processes or our reserach techniques

They have no understanding of how the company works so they come from a very pure creative and strategic perspective

We pay them to challenge us and challenge the opportunities around our brands.”

To stimulate Innovation it is vital to have little regard for the history of the industry, the current proceses etc and challenge why you keep doing what you have always done when the needs and expectations of the consumer have changed dramatically in the last 10 years as they have embraced technology and new media more than business.

Despite their on going success Coke is doing the hard work of constantly challenging the way they do things to ensure they are aligned with changing consumer expectations.

Creativity is easy. It is the implementation of the creativity that is hard work.  So lets embrace the hard work of Change.

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