From consumers to producers

Source: Best Media SchoolRecently I heard an amazing statistic – There will be more information produced in the next 48 hours than there was from the beginning of time till 2005. At first I thought that has to be rubbish …then I thought who would be able to calculate then

But when I thought about it I realised 3 things:

1. Information comes in many forms and is distributed by a range of media

2. As such we are all  now Producers not just Consumer

3. You need less words and more pictures if you want to be noticed

When you think how much content is developed daily in the form of emails, blogs, Twitter, FaceBook updates, Pinterest, YouTube etc etc it’s easy to believe that we are now producing in 48 hours what once tool centuries.

Of course the big difference in the past 10 -15 years is that we are all producing vast amounts of information day in day out ….why??? Because we can!

Not that long ago we consumed Print, TV, Radio etc but now its become a two way street with Blogs, YouTube and Podcasts turning anyone who wants into a Publisher and almost everyone into a producer of some kind.

But if we are producing media for a purpose and want to be seen, create awareness and build interest it is important not to be lost in the babblespere out there. To do this I believe there are two keys rules.

1. Publish once and point to it often

In other words stick to one place for your core content …if for example you blog make it your blog where you keep all you core content. But use all the other “publishing” tools as pointers . In other words write a blog that provides meaningful information and then use Facebook and LinkedIn updates to point to it, Twitter to Link to it etc etc must be worth a million on words

2. Be as Visual as possible

Once upon a time a picture was worth a thousand words now it must be worth a million words in a world where reading is a luxury.

Like many people I used to read books now I just collect them with Good intentions

People are trying to absorb so much info these days we must make it east for them and a visual can be the best approach. Personally I love Infographics as they can convey so much ….but there are many other form of visual communication…. Pinterest is a classic example of this.

When I plan a blog I start with finding a picture that tells the story and then develop a catchy headlines. Now I plan to use that headline and picture as a pointer to my blog from Facebook for example.

Find whatever works for you in terms of Visuals and use them to tell you story effectively.

I will cover this more in an upcoming post on Visual Communications..

Content: Publish it once and well and Reference it everywhere and often



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