People Turning off their TV and turning to their own devices

image Not long ago the thought of turning to the PC  for entertainment was a foreign idea and certainly replacing the idea replacing Cable or Free to Air TV with streaming over the net – IPTV.   But recent research shows that there is a major swing taking place in the US right now.

The  “cord-cutting” trend TV away from traditional TV is benefiting IPTV according to a new report from research specialists IHS.

In April-to-June 2013 period, cable companies lost 588,000 subscribers and satellite companies lost 162,000 subscribers. In the same period IPTV providers (the big Telcos eg Verizon, AT&T) added 304,000 subscribers

A big reason for these new additions resulted from the telcos spending much more on marketing these services to explain the How, Why, What and Where of IPTV.

These figures indicate, the overall pay TV marketplace is contracting steadily. As such it appears that the predicted future growth for relatively new entrants like IPTV will increasingly come at the expense of the incumbents, cable and satellite.

Recent data compiled by Digital TV Research for its Digital TV World Revenue Forecasts shows the fastest growing platform is IPTV. With revenues climbing from $12 billion in 2012 to $14.2 billion this year before reaching $21.3 billion in 2018.

These figures don’t take into account the potential for massive growth in China as Internet services become more widely available in all regions.

This is great news for Advertisers in general as well as IPTV allows hyper targeted local advertising along with interest and behaviour based advertising. With IPTV you have an IP Address unlike free to air TV which blankets whole regions ignoring suburbs. IPTV will allow smaller advertisers to target the suburbs they supply services and products to.

So it is not surprising that the smart media money from Publishers, Advertisers, Buyers, Providers etc is going into investing in IPTV worldwide.

4 thoughts on “People Turning off their TV and turning to their own devices

  1. I think 4G will fuel the growth even more . If people can access IPTV on the go and get uninterupoted streaming they will use it.
    Although I think local free (or cost effective ) WiFi access will be even more efffective as it will produce better upload speeds at lower costs than 4G delivers.

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    Thanks for the outline of television stuff.
    I totally think that cable television is going to go away.
    Or at a minimum have to change with the times.
    Internet tv is definitely the wave of the future. As internet speeds get faster, people
    will be watching their tv shows on sites like this.

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