Don’t just shrink your website to go Mobile…

mobile-imageIt is amazing how often I look up a website on my iPhone and get a full site compressed onto the screen making it damn near impossible to read.

Or a site that has a least been set up to fit each device but with too much information to be readable on the iPhone.

It is now almost 3 years since we found 30% of people going to a clients site after seeing a TV commercial were doing so on a mobile device whilst watching TV.

Now it is just about the norm to be using another device smartphone or tablet to access the net while watching TV.

So if you don’t have a site that works well on a mobile device ….then its beyond time to do something about it… So do something now…. please!!

But before you rush into  it consider all of the options to ensure you get the best possible result. These options include

Develop using a tool (such as WordPress) that is  responsive.

That is the layout and/or content responds (or, adapts) based on the size of the screen it’s presented on.

Optimise the layout of your content.

As Mobile devices generally don’t have a lot of screen real estate to work with it is important to make sure your site is not too crowded with images and information. By moving some things around, making others bigger, and not having lots of columns, the person accessing your site on their mobile phone or tablet will have a better experience and understanding of what you offer.

Adapt the content that’s shown.

But instead of just having a well designed mobile responsive site that adjusts to fit maybe you should look at a mobile site that presents different content.  Perhaps content that is more applicable to people on the move than sitting at a desktop and displayed in manner that is easier to navigate on a smartphone.

But wait there is more……

If you think a mobile site with specific data for people on the more is the answer look more at the features the mobile device may present that you can leverage….   For example it knows where you are (and can direct you to where you want to go) and it knows how to access your phone directory and lets you make a call there and then…. it even has your diary built in.

So think about leveraging the features that your mobile device has built in that a desktop does not and are relevant to your business.

For example it is pointless to ask you to put your postcode in when looking for the nearest store as you would on a desktop view of the website. The mobile device knows where you are and can show on a map how to get there and what the surrounds look like.

Having decided there can be distinct advantages in a site designed specifically for a mobile device depending on the type of business you are in and where and when people will be accessing your site on the move or sitting in front of the TV….. there is one more decision to make.

Is the answer for your business an App…..  Probably

Should you develop a mobile site leveraging the smarts of the mobile device or should you add real value by developing an app that engages the viewer in a more responsive way.  Once again it depends on your business and how an app may add value.

Perhaps the app could start the sales process by giving the prospect a chance to put some details in and have the app calculate the best scenario for a specific solution.  If you want some ideas on how businesses are adapting apps to streamline their business engagements with consumers check out any major bank.

But only you know how an app or apps can help your business …… So consider the options don’t just take the easy way and port what you have already to a responsive design etc …

think about how you can add meaning to interfacing with prospects, consumers and people in general.

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