Forget Testimonials – Think Memories

20140524_093001For as long as I can remember I have been highly cynical of Testimonials posted on websites …. in fact the more a business has, the more cynical I become. Generally they either feel like they have been written by someone like me for a client or written by a real customer struggling to not speak in marketing babble.

As such I have avoided where possible using Testimonials for my clients unless I can find ways to add credibility – inclusion of a real picture for example. And more recently I have dropped the term Testimonial and adopted the term Memories … a much softer and, in my opinion, a more genuine sounding description.

Of course the memories are always good ones.

In line with this concept we have recently developed a new Campaign for our client Property Asset Planning.  For some time we have used the website address as a slogan across all of our campaigns to imply that unlike our competition we deal only in the Facts.

But in an investment business that talks about reducing tax and increasing wealth it is not possible to substantiate some of the facts in a manner that is acceptable to CAD – Commercials Advice service which provides classification and information services to advertisers, agencies and production houses in relation to television commercials and infomercials and effectively governs what Free-to-Air TV stations will run.

As such we decided it was best to use the memories of our clients to tell the real facts that we wanted to convey to the general public in a series of Television Commercials to air on Network 10 over the next few months.

Over the past two months we have chosen a dozen clients who have relevant memories and asked them to be involved. All but two agreed and one on the grounds that he is an Australian Federal Police Officer and the other who is in a high profile customer service role.

Working closely with our Video/TV Production parter Vision House Pro, we spent one Saturday morning talking with them on camera about their experiences and as a result have enough material for almost 20 15 second and 30 second engaging TV Commercials. All done for an amazing low cost to our client!!

In addition we have other material that delivers the back story on the clients on the website both in video and words in a story about each of them. This has proven beyond all doubt that sitting down with your clients and capturing their memories on video is a way more effective approach than the traditional Testimonial approach.

As well on TV, the additional material produced will be used in a variety of online and social media mediums – TenPlay, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Plus in emails to prospective clients with relevant backgrounds to create a more personal communication.

Given that every client we spoke with had no hesitation in saying they would (and in all cases had) refer friends, relatives and colleagues to Property Asset Planning the videos will be used to launch a new Advocacy program for the client.

So some great examples here of capturing/building content once and using it in a variety of formats. And along the way a great opportunity for my client to spend time with his clients in a different setting…resulting in a few new leads too!

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