Its not just what you do that counts …but why you do it….. and how you do it

creativity last legal comp advantageEvery business can tell you what they do ….some better than others with Mission and Vision statements etc. But very few can ever succinctly explain why they do it….  apart from making a profit of course. Recently when talking about setting up a new Joint Venture – – with a long term associate business – Vision House – I was asked the why question.

That made me reconsider the What and How of our plans as well. I doing so I read widely about other similar businesses in advertising, marketing communications, digital media etc etc. Whether I read it in the news papers or an a website there were certain words and phases that stuck with me in analysing the What and the  Why of our planned approach.

So I must apologies to anyone whose words I have used without credit …but I just dont remember where some of my notes came from ……  Sorry!! With the apologies out of the way here goes – my concise wording …. not an easy task for someone prone to premature elaboration….

What Do WE do? …everyday we ask ourselves

What’s the most creative way we can solve our clients’ business problems with the content, tools, technology and communication channels that are available today……using all available data and insights/analytics effectively as an enabler?

Why Do WE Do It?…. because we believe

CREATVIVITY is only legal way of gaining an unfair advantage in business today There is always a better way -Whatever the market or the situation there’s always another way of doing things.

I do know that quote came from Ed McCabe a renowned AD man in the 70s -90s But it was based upon the thinking of Maurice Saatchi – now Lord Saatchi as he lived this out in the way he and Charles, his brother, launched their agency Saatchi & Saatchi in the 1970s.

And I know that it is truer today than ever.

How Do WE Do It?….

Through the Creation and Execution of Creative Content and Communication Strategies – Using Words, Pictures, Videos, Slideshows

However there is only one word in business that people seem to dislike more then CHANGE and that is DISRUPTION so the how is very important as a true Creative approach generally require some degree of Disruption or interruption to the regular flow or sequence of something. As such the How of what we do in applying Creativity to a business problem is critical.

Disruptive innovation is the introduction of new technologies, products or services in an effort to promote change and gain advantage over the competition. In this context, the word disruptive does not mean to interrupt or cause disorder — it means to replace.

To do this we immerse ourselves in our clients business to understand how they work and more so how they market and sell now ….so we can find more creative ways for them to go about it.

But we start small to test our ideas and grow confidence in our work before asking for a big budget. And that means delivering what they want early in the project and generally that is cost effective sales and good solid repeat business from quality prospects.

Our Approach

We take the same approach to addressing our clients’ sales and marketing challenges as we do when we tell their prospects and customers in the communications strategy we implement that they can address theirs problems too.

That is we look at the problems they have in for example lead generation, sales, branding etc and then find the causes. From there we make sure we have a solution to the problem that will also address the cause and under pin it with proof that we can deliver and establish the measures to determine success!!

In my next post – Communication = Creativity + Content + Curation I will go into more detail on the approach.








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