More Than a TV Commercial

30 sec spot

In his book ”Life After The 30-Second Spot: Energize Your Brand With A Bold Mix Of Alternatives To Traditional Advertising”, released June 2005, Joseph Jaffe focused on how advertising is evolving in a world ruled by an empowered consumer and no longer governed solely by the 30-second spot.

Ten years on it is very clear that traditional advertising, in the form of print, radio, and most notably, television, used for decades, no longer works as effectively they once did.

However with the growth of social and digital media and the associated analytics and measuring tools and techniques now available, TV is even more of a viable advertising medium than ever.  With the costs of production coming down as a result of technology advances too, the cost effectiveness of TV advertising has never been better.

In fact now with the ability to monitor, measure and analyse…coupled with better insights and targeting data the old adage:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

…A quote from John Wanamaker, considered the father of the department store and the father of modern advertising, more than a century ago, is almost certainly no longer true.

In a blog I wrote in May 2012  Is TV the Ultimate Social Media Platform…of course not…but… I talked about how TV can be used to prime the pump and build a Digital Media Marketing Engine…The example was about starting with a small budget for creative and a very limited budget for TV Placement (less than $10,000 in total). We made sure the focus of the Ad was a strong call to action…. and that was go to the website now.

We know the key to good TV advertising though is in the buying…ensuring you reach the right demographics at the right time via the right programming is key. Being able to choose the most cost effective network and programs ensures reaching the right people. While TV can reach everyone, generally you only need to reach the right few so the spend can be minimal but the results maximised.

Supported by Google Analytics we were able to track effectiveness of the ads and tweak and update the website as we went along. As good quality sales grew so did the budget and we kept adding value to the campaign in many ways all aimed at improving the bottom line for our client.

Then in August 2013 I suggested It’s not Plan A or Plan B it’s A + B + C ++  anymore…and this highlighted it’s no longer about getting a campaign perfect before you roll it out …but having lots of alternates that can be experimented along the way to find what works best.

Utilising profiles to help targeting and media buying coupled with insights gained from all marketing activity, the campaign remained vibrant and relevant to the audience at all times…hence people want to do business with you.

 Forget about what you think might be best based on what you think or what you hear and experiment your way to success.

…And this is where the whole vision for started.But any marketing campaign needs to start with words and employ creativity to ensure maximum impact and thats what More Than A TV Commercial is all about…a coordinated effort utilising the best tools and technologies backed by insights and analytics to ensure maximum cost effectiveness at all times…and maximum returns to the client.

There is no point in having a website and waiting to get found as I pointed out in The importance of being SEOised. When you reach out, make sure your prospects find you and not just get sucked into Google looking at your competitors.


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