Walking, Talking and Emailing Around

We have all heard of “Management by Walking Around”. And we know that we think with a clear head while walking, exercising etc and we know most of us spend too much time sitting and/or inactive.

And of course technology means we now spend more time connected and working all hours. But now we can utilise mobile technology to get some exercise during the day while working and become more productive management by walking around has a whole new meaning.

My laptop some years ago untethered me from my desk but I really only used that for travel and working from home.  The mobile phone was the first step in portability in the eighties but that only seemed to support the long lunch (no health benefits there!!) Then the smartphone began to take things to a new level as email and the Net was in my pocket wherever I went.

And since I have had my Asus Transformer Android Tablet I have taken thinks to a new level….despite originally saying I thought there was no place for another screen in my life ….  I now cant live without it. Being so light and portable it goes almost every where I go. What a delight to take it on a trip to Singapore. It meant not having to carry that heavy laptop (Imagine thinking a few years ago that we would consider the laptop as not really portable any more.)

But more so I can now walk to the coffee shop, stop and make calls or even respond to emails along the way and get some exercise. As well as spend time working in a different environment…. the Coffee Shop or even the park on a nice day. So now there is no excuse to avoid exercise it can be woven into your day and also help you make better decisions along the way. Clearly now is the age of walking, talking and emailing around.

Catch the bus and get off a few stops away or park the car a kilometre or two from the office and walk. Check calls, texts and emails along the way and if you need to stop and work wherever you are.
The real portability of the Pad was hammered home to me recently as a walked through the park to a meeting …. having saved myself money and got some exercise…having parked outside the CBD. There sitting at Picnic Table in the park was a homeless man with all his worldly possessions by his side ….. working away on his iPad!! What a sign of the times – free WiFi so he is connected to the world -maybe looking for a job or honing his skills and improving his knowledge…who knows.
I would like to think this is a positive sign and one that proves that walking and working in the great outdoors no matter who you are can become a way of life and along the way improve our health and wellbeing. Despite what you may hear 30 – 45 minutes of brisk continuous walking a day is great exercise…. Well time for my 30 minute walk to the coffee shop, check my emails, read the papers having a meeting with a colleague and walk back.
Along the way I will listen to a Podcast that my Pad has downloaded while I slept or perhaps write a couple of emails etc using the Voice recognition technology that’s in my pocket or in my Pad. And have the occasional glance to see if there is a call to return, a text to answer or an email that needs attention and deal with it from the nearest bus stop or park bench What are fair more productive and liberated way to work.

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