The Mad Men meet The Math Men


Sales Forcelogo-marketing-cloudFor some time now Marketing Automation platforms such as SalesForce have been seen as a potential major disruptor for traditional paid media advertising.

The ability of platforms such as SalesForce to facilitate more organised, direct and easier access to customers and prospects is being harnessed by many major companies worldwide at the expense of the $800 billion worldwide ad industry.

Some years ago we undertook a project for a client with just this in mind….. and we in fact combined traditional advertising with Salesforce in a primitive way to establish the basic foundations of the sort of marketing automation platform we see as very much the future.

We chose SalesForce as the platform as we believed it was best suited than and had the future focus needed, especially being Cloud based … this judgment has been vindicated by the prestigious business magazines Forbes and Fortune

SalesForce was named by Forbes Magazine as the World’s Most Innovative Company. This is the fourth consecutive year that has received this recognition. This comes on the heels of the company being chosen by FORTUNE as the World’s Most Admired Software Company for the second year in a row and being ranked 7th on FORTUNE’S 100 Best Companies to Work For list. is the fastest growing top ten software company and the world’s #1 CRM platform.    

Before launching our Client’s ad campaign on TV we build a website that matched the campaign and embedded in the site a SalesForce form to ensure that we captured information directly from everyone who was interested in our Clients’s offering.  Given the focus of the ad campaign was a very clear call to action – Go to Our Website NOW – We wanted to ensure for the future that we built a database that could be sliced and diced, segmented and targeted via email, social media and other direct digital channels well into the future.

Now it seems this integration between SalesForce and Traditional Paid Media Advertising is set to go to another level…. as Advertising agencies and the like get more into the data, the analytics and the insights to increase the effectiveness of their creativity in directly hitting their clients’ market targets with clear specific, relevant and timely messages.

Following hard on the heels of the Global Alliance announced by Adode and the French owned Ad Industry Conglomerate Publicis (owner of Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Starcomm and many other iconic brands) comes the announcement of a similar alliance between SalesForce and New York based Omincom (owner of DDB, BBDO, TBWA,m OMD and dozens of others).

These alliances are clear evidence of the changing nature of the industry as forecast by Head of WPP the worlds largest Advertising Industry group Sir Martin Sorrell who was quoted recently as saying ….

The agency world is most certainly evolving around technological change, and come a few years from now, it might well be unrecognisable to what we see today

In announcing the Alliance Michael Lazerow, Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce marketing Cloud said “Five years ago, I don’t think Omnicom would  have done something like this . They would have left it to a large systems integrator to do (customer relationship management).The expected outcome of the Alliance will see clients’ messages better tailored to specific need and targeted at specific customers and /or prospects. It is also a clear sign that advertising and customers service are linked as another expected outcome is ability of customer service teams to see the customers full history when responding to social media.

This Alliance is yet another sign to business that instead of just advertising and hoping for the best anmd churning through more new prospects quickly there is an urgent need to get their inhouse systems in place to maximise interest and capitalise on the information they collect from both prospects and customers.

With the explosion of social media it is easier than ever and more important then ever to engage with people on a more individual basis.  Also your clients have always been your best sales resource in terms of prospecting among their friends and in terms of selling your credibility based on their results but now brands are providing them with ability to leverage some creative and engaging sales resources and messages to further spread the word within their sphere of influence…….

But without a great database product in synch with the times  (eg Social Media) you wont maximise the possibilities and may have to continue to stick with what always worked in the past … a prisoner of the proven … proven in the past that is.


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