Tear down those walls


Recently when I read of the twenty fifth anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall I was reminded of one of the great speeches in history.  In June of 1987 US President Ronald Regan stood at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and called on Russian President, Michael Gorbachev, to tear down the wall that had divided the city for 26 years …..  and just over 2 years later it was gone.

At the time I was midst some work for a couple of clients that had me dealing with the imaginary walls that still seem to divide PR, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Social Media etc etc. in the mind of many.  For one we were doing PR and the other we were doing Social Media .

20141120_111415 (1)

In April of 2008 I read an enlightening book by David Meerman Scott which set out to define the Rules of Marketing and Social Media in the Internet Age.

As a result I wrote a blog about  These New Rules  and talked about the need to utilise the best tools available rather than think about Press Releases and Blogs.

I was bemused that it took two years from Reagan’s call till the walls were torn down …but 6 years after the New Rules was published there still seem to be walls in Marketing and PR.

Recently we were engaged by one client to manage the PR for them while they did Social Media inhouse and by another to do the Social Media while they had another agency do PR.

As far as I know Social Media and what was PR are so intertwined a wall between makes either task highly ineffective.

So lets tear down any walls … in fact why talk Social Media or PR at all they are tools used to transport the message to those we want to receive it.

How do you determine whats social media and whats just online …where does the blog of a magazine fit …is it traditional media or Social media …is it best addressed by a Media Release or a Blog Post … or by reaching them on Facebook?

Its time on focus on understanding the audience, gaining insights into them as individuals and crafting the message to fit the audience and then working out the best way from A to B …. and these days there are probably many.

Is there really a role for the Media Release and PR in general …is there such a thing as Social Media?

This had lead me to the conclusion its all about the Best Appropriate Media and next I will explain how I see this working in the real world.






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