WHAM BAM ’em dont PR ’em

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.18.13 amIn a very recent post I highlighted the need to tear down the walls within marketing, PR, media and advertising.

Having highlighted the problems that come from trying to keep segregated, functions that should be totally integrated, I now want to propose a fairly obvious solution.

BAM – Best Appropriate/Available Media !

It’s about taking a more holistic approach to Marketing Communications by focusing on messages and outcomes rather than tools.

Rather than doing a Press Release or posting in Social Media or even running a TV Commercial take a step back first to do some objective planning.

As with almost anything in life if you can nail the who, what, when, how, where and how much, you can up about with the best solution and approach.

Start looking at what message you are trying to get across. … then look at the audience and specific demographics and any insights into their behaviour, before you even consider the tools….  Thats the What and the Who taken care of.

To this end we have developed the BAM Concept and the attached planner example above.

This allows us to think about all the potential variables – The Type of Content / Message  – The Channel (e.g. paid, free, online, traditional) and the actual forms of media available (eg TV, Radio, Online etc).

We have talked in previous posts about how vital Creativity and how that is the only way to have a competitive advantage these days.

But the key to the whole planning process for me is identifying the actual target audience as narrowly as possible …. and above all what action you want the consumer of the content to take to do that you need as much information or insights into them as you can gather.

I am pretty sure if you spend the time analysing each of these in concert with each other you will come up with the Best Appropriate Media …. and as per the above example there may be a number of Types to get the best result across the audiences identified …. in this example case a Blog, with a Tweet pointing at it and then a broader distribution across traditional and online media via a media release containing the key info in the blog post.

I think every business can evolve this type of tool as they know what they want to say and who they want to say it to….  but often the exact target, the desired outcome and the type of media is not identified clearly.

So I hope with the WhoHowAndMeasured BestAvailableMedia approach you will be able to stop thinking tools and concentrate on the message first and foremost and target the audience you want to reach in the most cost effective manner..



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