The Importance of Being

seuss-youPlanning, training, mentoring, strategising, focussing etc etc are all things expected of us in business and in life these days.

And of course we all spend lots of time telling people in business especially about us and what we do and why we do it – Missions, Visions, Passions etc – and above all why we are the person for whatever is needed.

But how much time do we spending Being what we say we are?

Some years ago I had a saying that I promoted to all of my clients –

BE What you Say and Say what you BE.

…….and when all else fails BE YOU… you should at least aim to become good at that!!

And that generally involves telling the truth to the best of your ability as everybody appreciates the truth ………Although  I think we all know any one who says they never Lie is Liar.   At the very least we tell the occasional Lie to protect others and their feelings and reputations.

Even the most honest, loyal faithful husband will lie to his wife if he needs to …………..when asked “Does My Bum Look BIG in this ?”        I am sure he will if necessary Lie or at least avoid the question by saying “Darling you have a great arse!!”

I don’t know about you but I have a finely tuned BullShit sensor and I am pretty sure most do!  So when I hear people talking about what they do or how they feel in a very enthusiastic way I get a little suspicious and look for a demonstration or proof of what they say …

In other words are they being it or just saying it?

When I hear a real estate agent say – “I am passionate about Real Estate” my Bullshit metre says “You are passionate about the money I can make by selling my property”

When I hear people say they have a loyal and enthusiastic team working for them I say try not paying them next week because you don’t have the money to pay yourself and see how their Loyalty stnds up.

So this week I have decided its BE WEEK and as such I want to encourage People to BE what they say they are by demonstating it.

For example we all know what good service  looks and feels like ….   so instead of saying how good the service is focus on demonstrating it at every opportunity you get.

If you have an issue, objective or a problem then make sure you stop talking or worrying and just BE whatever you can BE to overcome it.

If you don’t have a marketing budget to promote yourself BE CREATIVE

If you want to attract attention to you or your business BE INTERESTING

BUT …  If you want to be Very Interesting BE INTRIGUING or even FASCINATING**

If you want people to believe you are passionate BE PASSIONATE

And when all else fails just BE YOU.  and BE good at that!!


**  IF you want to learn about the art and science of FASCINATION check out what Sally Hogshead has to say  As she has made a speciality of researching and teaching on the topic.


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