Want to be a Leader?? Be Courageous + Trusted + Connected


I get sick and tired of hearing from politicians and those out of touch with modern business about the Bosses vs Workers, the importance of Unions and more than anything that phase “Working Australians”

It seems if you don’t rely on someone to pay your wage every day you are a working Australian and the rest of us that help create those jobs are clearly sitting on our arses and aren’t working at all!!

These days any business going somewhere  understands that being connected with and trusted by the people that work with/for you is the key to success. As such there is no them vs us mentality in successful long term business …or there should not be if they want to continue to grow.

Having recently written about Personal Branding and  Leadership and presented to a
group of masters Students at Carnegie Mellon I have spent quite a bit of time thinking and reading about what Leadership is…. and what it is not.

Clearly its not about power or position its not about being the boss and in control…..  that may be a perception of the ill informed … it may be management but it sure ain’t leadership.

Clearly a leader is not necessarily a manager or a boss and doesn’t have to have the title of the power bestowed on them ….. and in business today anyone can become a leader ……   and you can have influence no matter how lowly your role is.  But it must of course be about furthering the objectives of the business.  And in business today those objectives are about much much more than meeting the $$$ targets .

So what makes a Leader …. in my Honest Opinion

Firstly COURAGE – to do the right thing, to do the hard work (not work hard) to stand up for what is in the best interests of ALL.

That will lead to TRUST – people will trust you if they see you have the Courage to do what they see as important for them

And if they TRUST you they will feel CONNECTED  and when people are connected they want to contribute they want to participate …. they want to be Present in the business … they want to Turn On not just Turn up.

Put those three ingredients together and what have you got the makings of??? ……  a LEADER 

Of course I have looked at it from modern day business … not the dark ages of Bosses Vs Workers where Union Leaders and Public Servants and many politicians see the world still!!.

We see all too often in politics and the public service that anyone without the Leadership titles has little of no ability or interest in Leadership …they just want to be the Leader ..they want the title and the perks

But no matter who you are and what you do …if you are passionate about anything (a cause, charity, hobby etc) no matter what you can be a leader ( a centre of influence) no matter how lowly your position may be perceived….

If you have the Courage to get up and have a go People will trust you they will connect with you …and they will want you to lead them.

In writing this I am reminded of the words of my former client and great friend Olympic Silver Medallist and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist in the Pole Vault – Tatiana Grigorieva…. Who when asked what she liked most about Australia … she said apart from the weather, the food and the people it was …

“In this country if you are prepared to give something your best there are always people willing to help you succeed and share your success”                                        Tatiana Grigorieva – 2001

That applies to us all and that’s what Leadership is about having people wanting to succeed with you …not having people to fight your battles because you want an easy ride in life!!!

And never more so as we are now in an age where Disruptive Innovation will become more common every day.

In terms of my leadership style I see myself as The Ringmaster – my job is to make sure everyone in my team is able to do the best they can and make sure the audience have a great time because they do… and along the way my Circus continues to make a profit for the shareholders.








Courage —- Trust  —–Connect —  T


Workers Vs Bosses etc

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