It’s Your Bubble and Your Pyramid

Me Inc Pyramid_000001

Whenever I talk about developing your personal brand and leadership,  I talk about finding your Passion and Your Why and then I liken it to building the Pyramids and then explain how to build your personal “Me Inc” Pyramid.

I developed this concept when managing high profile sportspeople as a visual way to get them thinking about what was right or wrong for their brand.

Pyramids are made up of blocks / bricks based upon a solid foundation.  As such as we develop and grow through our life we are constantly faced with decisions about the options available to us. These options can be viewed as bricks and each assessed as to whether it adds value and strength to our pyramid or in fact it may take a brick out and lead to the pyramiFinding Your Centre_000001d collapsing

But increasingly your personal brand is about how others see you and the expectations and the norms that society wants to limit and measure you with. This has lead to developing the concept of your approach to life (your style) and hence how others perceive you as being bubble like. At the right end of the Bubble is the very traditional view of normal behaviour for a person of your age, general, race, creed, etc etc and at the other end are the boundaries that may or may not be acceptable within your society.

These days,  in the age of Disruptive Innovation,  we need to explore and push those boundaries in developing the real you without being perceived as Out of Control – just as much as you need to avoid being too “normal” and as such being seen as boring and uninteresting.

Sally Hogshead has done a lot of work in teaching people in business  How to Fascinate and understand how we are perceived and now her newest book looks at How the World See You and as such how we should present ourselves.

As such when you look at where you want to be and as such perceived its probably somewhere in the middle – definitely not too boring and not too extreme and out there.

Hence the Bubbles Theory to help you find your centre and understand You and the ways in which You can grow without going to either extreme.- – Boring (on the Right) or Too Out There (on the Left).

Once you find your centre which is a mix of what the world expects of a Husband, Nana, Manager, Christian, Woman etc etc on the right side of the bubble and the opposite boundaries on the left which are the extremes to which you as an individual wants to explore you can grow accordingly.

You can chose to grow more to the left of the right or when happy that your centre is where you want it to be you can grow with in that – up or down (more or less)  to become an even better you.

I think when you use these visual tools you can get some clarity on who you are and who you want to be and as such continue to become the best you that cant to be…. and above all satisfied that its right for you and not just conforming the traditionally accepted life choices.

In an upcoming blog I will talk about how you present that to the world and convince others that the You that you want to be is the You they want to engage with.

And I will also look at how the world has changed and how we are no longer restricted by age and how people of a certain age have been perceived in terms of the way they dress and act.  We are now increasingly part of an Ageless Society what some describe the Flat Age Era … no more Baby Boomers, Gen Ys etc etc we can be whatever we choose to be and act accordingly and be celebrated for who we are.

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