Seduce and Enjoy – Engaging and Entertaining your Audience


Some time ago I planned to write an article about the increasing importance and value of Event Marketing.  I planned the headline and the picture as I do to get  the story in my head as i do every time, when I start thinking about what I will  write about.

But this is not the article I planned to write on why Event Marketing needs to be a key component in every brand building and sales campaign these days.

The more I thought about the importance of Event Marketing and adding High Touch in a High Tech world was important I realised most EVENTS are missing some key components and we have not changed the basic way we do events of all types in business. The two key elements overlooked or lacking for all manner of reasons, not the least of which is we avoid things that are new and disruptive, are Event Media (as opposed to Marketing) and Event Presentation (as opposed to Production) …. as they just become part of the Marketing or Management and don’t get the focus deserved these days in a much changed world because they get squeezed out in a largely operational budgeting exercise.

When I thought about the words that explain simply why we do events I realised that most events I go to do not deliver on two key elements .. making sure I want to come because i was already engaged  …and making sure I had a unique and memorable experience that I wanted to share ….so that lead me to question everything we do in Event Marketing….  and in doing so discovered a much under utilised niche in the Event Marketing world

The words I came up with

we want our clients, prospects, stakeholders, media, general public etc etc to buy into our story… seduce them… and then we want them to walk away having enjoyed the experience of engaging with us… enjoy themselves …

I have even registered a built a website ….. ….   It took 5 hours and cost nothing using WIX

In my next post I will talk more about the Why of event marketing but for now I want to focus the bits missing in the How.

So  lets focus on why we fail so often to seduce (sell) our events well to the right audience and when they do come why they fail to enjoy especially now when we have more tools and techniques to deliver much better on both objectives  than we ever have.

In the era of mass communications and digital media everywhere the personal touch, face to face, caring about consumers etc has never been more important. But we need to combine the real world with the digital world if we want to broaden our reach … and technology allows us to do that in many exciting ways that most do not harness while they continue to do the same old thing  with their events. … for example – fill a room with bored people and show a power point that seems to be more a promoter to the presenter than an engagement tool for the audience.

No wonder the US Army banned PowerPoint years ago and ANZBank new CEO is threatening to do the same as it is a time waster than achieves little in audience engagement.

So whats lacking  –

The Seduction – using media traditional, digital, social to reach and engage with your target audience. Before the event to encourage participation, during the event to encourage involvement and interaction and after to build engagement and advocacy

The Enjoyment – turning customers into advocates and prospects into clients by delivering an enjoyable experience.. have them wanting more. Thinking creatively and employing smart technology along with an eye for what will entertain the audience are the keys.

Digital Media, Social Media etc presents us with the opportunity to make any kind of event more successful than ever before if used properly.

The key to pulling off an effective event marketing campaign is to identify the target audience correctly and create an experience that remains in participants’ memories. By finding an opportunity to interact with the right demographic of people – both current customers and prospective buyers – a brand can build favorable impressions and long-lasting relationships. The best, most creative events create interactions that not only reflect positively on the brand at the time, but generate a buzz long after the event is over. (See alsoBuzz Marketing)

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