Selling your way to Innovatiom


A major barrier to Innovation in existing business has been concern about loss of focus in the core business. 

As such it it vital to ensure you are doing all you can to increase sales using digital media while implementing the changes needed to prosper in future.

Now and into the future its increasingly becoming a case or Innovate or Die for most business……and we are hearing more about products and businesses being innovative but have they ensured their existing business is as good as it can be and consolidated.

Cloud, mobile, social, robotics, driverless etc  — these are fundamental trends that are reshaping industry. What will be the next major disruption? Today’s successful companies need to embrace the full spectrum of innovation — from incremental to breakthrough to radical — in both their R&D and business model strategies.

No matter what stage you are at – ideas-only, startup, micro businesses or SME  your need to earn revenue whilst figuring out how to grow quickly.

These are common scenarios we hear about all the time from Business Owners, Founders and Leaders

LOOKING TO ACHIEVE HIGH GROWTH ?… but you’re struggling to grow

GOT A NEW IDEA ? … but you’re struggling to get it off the ground

YOU’RE A STARTUP … but you’re not getting market/sales traction

A successful innovation strategy supports your company’s vision and capabilities. It combines organic innovation with acquisitions and co-creation resulting in a broad and deep capability.

But ….It still takes 2000 startups to get one High Growth business  we need to Innovate how we Innovate!!

Working with Harold Sharples from the UK  has made it clear that if you want to become a High Growth business you have to be ready and to do that you must learn

  • How to implement a unique Innovation Team approach 
  • How to create a scaleable innovation for new and existing businesses
  • How to create Content and Messages that Sell
  • How to ensure your business lives longer, prospers and grows
  • How to get people to choose you even when there’s nothing different about you
  • How to utilise the best innovation team building system in the world
  • How to earn revenue whilst figuring out how to grow quickly

As such the key aims for Innovators can be broken down into three key Categories :


Highly Profitable businesses constitute the top 5% most profitable players in their sector.

High Profitability is the way markets reward innovation.   Innovation isn’t just about products or services … it can be embedded anywhere in a business’s business model.


Highly Scalable businesses grow in excess of the 20% per year for several consecutive years.   Businesses that grow by 20% on average over any three year period form only 0.25% of the business population … yet they create more new jobs each each year than all of the rest of the businesses in the economy combined.


Waiting for another Einstein,  Jobs or Da Vinci to come along is a high-risk strategy:   Harold Sharples has developed a system for building small but highly innovative teams that aren’t dependent on geniuses being born – but quite capable of innovating new startups, transforming corporate divisions,  or developing small businesses … Tim Cook of Apple and Ginni Rometty CEO of IBM have both participated in his teams.

Harold Sharples

Personally personally taught Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Ginni Rometty (IBM CEO)

► how to innovate; and

► how to use innovation to achieve high growth in business

Now he focusses on helping develop High Growth Scalable business using an evidence based Methodology

Harold has applied his method to SMEs of all shapes and sizes from 2 or 3-person businesses as well as to national chains in theUK. The owners of some of those businesses went on to be listed in The Sunday Times Rich list.

These businesses have won all sorts of rewards, including:

► Best Business To Work For In The UK

► Entrepreneur of The Year

► North West Business of The Year

► In 2009, the business Harold was leading won the “European Business of the Year” Award.

Harold’s FlightPlan programme has been born out of extensive experience and research. Elements of the FlightPlan programme can be directly traced back to work carried out in, with and for IBM, Coca Cola, the USAF’s General Bill Creech, Meredith Belbin and Alex Osterwalder.


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