Its not just what you do that counts …but why you do it….. and how you do it

creativity last legal comp advantageEvery business can tell you what they do ….some better than others with Mission and Vision statements etc. But very few can ever succinctly explain why they do it….  apart from making a profit of course. Recently when talking about setting up a new Joint Venture – – with a long term associate business – Vision House – I was asked the why question.

That made me reconsider the What and How of our plans as well. I doing so I read widely about other similar businesses in advertising, marketing communications, digital media etc etc. Whether I read it in the news papers or an a website there were certain words and phases that stuck with me in analysing the What and the  Why of our planned approach.

So I must apologies to anyone whose words I have used without credit …but I just dont remember where some of my notes came from ……  Sorry!! With the apologies out of the way here goes – my concise wording …. not an easy task for someone prone to premature elaboration…. Continue reading Its not just what you do that counts …but why you do it….. and how you do it

China Ain’t China

china brandingThe need for this  blog was promoted by a meeting I observed in a coffee shop today. It appeared that a local wine producer had engaged an Asian graphic designer/translator to develop a Chinese version of his packaging and his marketing materials…but clearly he doesn’t get China and his advisor, I assume, was just telling him what he wanted to hear. It appeared that getting ready for China to him was about translation and not branding.

All I needed to see were the new labels for his wine…they looked exactly like the Australian ones with Chinese Characters. Why is that an issue.? Well his labels are all solid black with white writing. The worst colour combination for China.

Chinese would look at that label and assume if they drank it they would die…as that’s what Black in China represents.

The message here is unless you have a very strong, successful and highly sought after Western Brand you are going to need some drastic rebranding for China. Continue reading China Ain’t China

Selling — It’s All About Me or is that You

Business Intelligence (1)

In the recent post Don’t just add valueAdd meaning I talked about the role of the Trusted Advisor in the selling process and the refocus from Product to People.

In further developing this model it is important to look at how the sales cycle can be improved in line with this shift in focus.

Having already talked about the importance of the New Ps rather then the old Ps I now want to talk in depth about the most important Ps – Problems, People, Products, Profiles, Productivity, Proof and above all something every business craves Prospects (quality and qualified).

While every business today needs at its heart a willingness to embrace Innovation and Disruption of the norm coupled with specific Expertise and Experience – above all it needs access to information to develop insights that can guide the business in all aspects of its operations. Continue reading Selling — It’s All About Me or is that You

Don’t Add Value Anymore…Add Meaning

Added Meaning Business ModelIn case you haven’t noticed life has changed and so has business.
It’s no longer all about the seller it’s all about the buyer. So now more than ever it’s a case of Seller Beware…
It’s now all about People not Products.
And solving problems and providing Proof that you can.
In sales and marketing for many decades we have talked about the 3, 4, 5 or however many Ps.  And all of those Ps were controlled by the seller – Product, Promotion, Place, People, Price.
Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time.
Well now it’s still about 5 Ps but the control is with the buyer – Profile, People, Problem, Productivity and Performance. But the Seller still needs to mind their Ps and add a new one – Proof. And note that Proof has replaced Price. Continue reading Don’t Add Value Anymore…Add Meaning

Social Media Boom Boom Boomers

Boomers and their use of social media are creating a lot buzz lately. Are they really participating? Is this the best way to reach older consumers? Is it a tactic to be layered with other more traditional tactics? We were seeking to understand Boomers activities in the social media space and launched a research study to answer these questions.

Lori Bitter is President of Continuum Crew, an integrated communications firm focused on engaging mature consumers

The first, and not surprising, finding is that when it comes to social media, older boomers behave more like seniors (the cohort known as “Ikes” or the Silent Generation) and younger boomers behave more like the Gen-X cohort.


The biggest takeaway may be the last line of this chart. Fifty percent of seniors are not participating on any social network, while 47% of older boomers and 45% of younger boomers are not. So while half of older consumers may have no interest in social media, the numbers who are “reachable” is still in the 35-40 million range.

Balance this finding with where boomers are spending their time, compared to three years ago (before the current economic crisis.) They reported spending less time doing these things:

Volunteering 38% Reading magazines 34% Reading newspapers 34% Reading for pleasure 33% Exercising 31% Listening to the radio 29% Time with spouse 18% Watching TV 16%

The only category that showed a significant increase: the 62% growth in spending time online. Boomers are trading time with more traditional media for time online.

The Boomer Social Maven

To help companies engage the boomer who is online and in social networks, we asked a series of questions to segment them. In the final analysis, two key questions were most predictive in defining the boomer social maven: 1.) They network both on and offline and 2.) Have a propensity to recommend products and services to others.

From this analysis, three clear segments emerged:

  • Isolated Insulars: on their own; social islands
  • Everyday people: most boomers (and social media lurkers)
  • Social Mavens: connected, exploring and expanding networks daily

It was important to look at frequency of contact with their social networks as opposed to amassing friends or connections. Boomer social mavens have significantly more frequent contact with individuals across all types of groups within their social sphere. This includes family members, political organizations, hobby or interest groups, religious organizations, social groups, neighbors, co-workers, former co-workers and business contacts.

chart 2

The boomer social maven is most likely to be a younger boomer (45-54) and equally male and female; this is a surprise to many who think of women as the voracious social media consumer. The important takeaway for marketers is that mavens are huge consumers of all types of media and use more traditional media than the other segments. This points to a greater need for integration of on and offline engagement strategy for those companies who want to reach the unicorn.