Innovation on Your Mainstreeet

coworking-statisticsWhile there is much talk and focus on Innovation, relatively few people in the broader community know what it is and how they can help engage and foster Innovation for the benefit of all in our community.  Through our Innovation In The City group we have opened the opportunity for people to Learn and become involved.

Now ….What better way to get more involvement that taking Innovation to a shop front in a busy street….and in doing so bring new people, vitality and opportunities for growth to businesses . and where better to do it than in a Neighbourhood that needs it.

We aim to use a 400 sq metres  vacant space on Beach Road at Christies on the Beach (soon to be formerly known as Christies Beach) as a flexible and creative way to achieve all of these aims and more.

Innovation on the Miantreets  is the brainchild of Tony Williamson a long term business owner in the Hutt St Precinct and past member of Adelaide City Council and Rick Carter an Innovation, Media and Marketing specialist who lecturers at Carnegie Mellon University in Enterprise Innovation and will bring CMU students, projects and expertise to the Street.

Showcase | Exhibition | Event | Flexible Space

We want to showcase Innovation via an exhibition space fronting Beach Rd – everything from drones to 3D printing and Sustainable Energy to the Internet of Things.

Each month we expect to have sponsored hands-on exhibitions focussing on different aspects of Innovation (eg Electric Vehicles, Solar and Battery technology, Smart Cities etc)

With a focus on flexibility the space will be easily reconfigured for Pop Up events (e.g. Product Launches, Charity Fund Raisers, Art Exhibition, Fringe Shows etc)

Education | Training | Presentation | Flexible Space

We will also provide education and training to business, schools and residents using a proven Innovation Methodology “Selling your Way to Innovation” developed in association with Harold Sharples – The man who taught Tim Cook (Apple CEO) how to Innovate the way we Innovate – to help people leverage what they have into what they need for the future, using Technology and Information as an enabler, turning Hutt St into a vibrant, diverse Innovation Precinct.

Co-Working | Meeting | Flexible Space

A Co-Working space will add further diversity to the street and provide opportunities via scholarships for young people with big ideas to have a base amongst seasoned and experienced business professionals and proven innovators.

We aim to attract a wide variety of people – not just young startups – but many experienced professionals who see that if you work for yourself you don’t need to work alone. These people may also need space for Events, Exhibitions and Training. 

Co-working has grown worldwide at roughly 36% over the past twelve months and as such we expect demand to be high especially given some unique points of difference we will offer.

We expect to be able to pay commercial rents within 6 months of start up and lease the building (upstairs and downstairs) for 5 years or more based purely on revenue from Co – Working  – given predictions that 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneurs by 2020


We see this space as being attractive to business of all types and government agencies  (Federal, State and Local) who want to be seen to sponsor and support Innovation.  We will recommend to these sponsors that they have some their staff work in the CoWorking space for a month or two and also provide scholarships for young people who need such a space but cant yet afford it, so they begin to experience  Innovation not just talk about it.

Our key aim is to deliver growth in the form of jobs in SA and support the Initiatives of Federal and State Governments and in particular to help the Onkaparinga City Council deliver some of their goals  as a vital city and a base for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

Innovation on Beach will become a model for similar centres in Australia and the re purposing of vacant retail / warehouse premises in high profile locations. in doing so we will support businesses and landlords in such commercial precincts.


Getting people who lived the story to tell the story………

2014-09-14 21.35.10Some years ago I decided I wanted to write the story of Neller Software for a number of reasons … and along the way developed an approach that I think applies to writing of any modern history book in a very cost effective and rewarding way.

But why is the first question when it comes to writing a book. Well…… Neller Software has played a very siginificant role in the birth and development of the Computer Software industry in Australia

And it had played a very signifiant role in my life and development in three different periods and in three very different ways.

1, I was sent to work there by my employer at the time Chrysler Australia to help complete a Payroll system we had bought

2 As an employee who went there as a techo and came out a few years later as a marketeer – an Analyst programmer who went on to become Product Manager

3. As Marketing Director and shareholder when the ownership changed and I was between jobs …. more about me and that later….. in the book. Continue reading Getting people who lived the story to tell the story………

Follow the Money ….if you want business.

20131113-074756.jpgAccordingly to Wikipedia – Follow the money is a catchphrase popularised by the 1976 drama-documentary movie All The President’s Men, which suggests a money trail or corruption scheme within high (often political) office.

But like many others I have a very different meaning…om re;ating it to everyday business

If you have something to sell and everybody does….. You need to be where the buyers are….that is the people with the money

While we all look at new and innovative ways to find business – new business – this involves spending money.  While there are many sources of new business that can be highly cost effective. Continue reading Follow the Money ….if you want business.

Why Did I Bother with such a long FaceBook Post?

I just added the post below to  group in Facebook of which I am an almost founding member….but why did I waste my time with such a lengthy dissertation.

Its an easy answer!!  Because in what I believe to be an easy to read , amusing and engaging read I have told people …..who I am….. what I do … long I have been around….. issued a three calls to action…… encouraged interaction…..offered something for nothing  that builds my brand….gave them a broad idea of a specific project…..encouraged tem to find out more …… told them I understand bsiness in China…..told them I am a good Corp citizen …told them to Google Me to show I know how to get myself on page one etc etc…. even made a few punctuation errors to get people to interact …well at least see if they read and noticed.

Above all I hope I proved the value of good engaging content and that you should sell yourself by demonstarting what you do rather than tell people how good you are.

Perhaps I should offer a prize to anyone who can analyse all the tings I have done below to build some business for meNot

And hope you enjoy the read

Below cut From my post on the Adelaide Online Networks Group on FaceBook in a discussion about checking out each others Facebook Timelines (is that what they are called today??)

This is all very good stuff……… But is anyone selling anything as a result of all of this Facebook effort.  I am sure Facebook is very good for lots of things but haven’t really worked what they are for me. Facebook to me seems like just another vehicle that helps business (and people for that matter)  spread bad content to a wider world than just shouting at me on TV.

At the end of the day it’s about finding measuring and monitoring what delivers demand and then harnessing it… In the case of one of my clients that’s very cost effective TV integrated with the Net esp Mobile net and email. Did you know you can advertise on mainstream daytime commercial TV for less than $50 for 30 secs…..but unlike most businesses in SA….. Please get good creative,  effective content produced by a professional into that space…. don’t just shout at me!

Great to see all these new Social media evangelists taking over from me so I can get back to  helping people with Media,  Marketing and SALES Strategies that work for them. Well that’s enough of my limited Facebook time back to LinkedIn where the real business lurks

Remember in business nothing happens till somebody sells something…..

And if you want big success work out how to your business into China…. Now the worlds biggest market for luxury goods….. Soon to have more than 300 million people with more disposable income than the average Aussie

Not sure if this will appear as Robert likes to moderate me out of AON when I get too controversial ……. Can you do that in Facebook.?

Look out for my next Grumpy Old Managers’ Guide blog….. From Bankbook to Facebook… Part of an upcoming series – – How the world gets more like the 60s everyday. Even Robert can’t delete My blog posts….. By the way I am not The Grumpy Old Managers…. First those that still understand punctuation note the placement of the ‘ Guide I guide Grumpy Old Managers but am not necessarily one myself…… Well not all the time…

Think I should cut and paste this into my blog now that I have rambled so long…… Maybe too many words for Facebook…. It seems to like pictures…. Maybe I need to do a course… Although I did one on SEO and proved that’s a waste of money too!

By the way wrote this and updated my blog on my Asus Pad after a half hour walk to the coffee shop listening to Michael Joel’s  Six Pixels Podcast… Just practicing what I preached in my blog… Walking Talking and Emailing Around… Sub titled get off your arse and get fit while still doing more business

If you want to check the blog out just Google me or Grumpy Old Managers….. Bloody hell I must know something about SEO after all…. I made Page One without wasting money on consultants or Adwords… Now there’s another con for another day.

My last pearl of wisdom to share …..just in case someone on Facebook reads………  new mantra esp for doing business in China and Asia in general……. Doing Good is Good Business.

And I will leave with a Question to Ponder what’s the difference between Facebook and Google and LinkedIn….. When it comes to building your business?  A hint….. Two of them are…………………. And the other is……..

Every correct entry will go into a draw to win the three years old eBook…which I wrote with my daughter….. The Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media Marketing.. We wrote back in the days when we were Social Media consultants….. Before I rediscovered that scary thing people don’t like to talk about in public……… Sales

Didn’t go to print as I didn’t want to be accused of wasting get ink or paper…. I must have become a greenie!

If you don’t win a copy….. As a consolation you can download it for free!