Seduce and Enjoy – Engaging and Entertaining your Audience


Some time ago I planned to write an article about the increasing importance and value of Event Marketing.  I planned the headline and the picture as I do to get  the story in my head as i do every time, when I start thinking about what I will  write about.

But this is not the article I planned to write on why Event Marketing needs to be a key component in every brand building and sales campaign these days.

The more I thought about the importance of Event Marketing and adding High Touch in a High Tech world was important I realised most EVENTS are missing some key components and we have not changed the basic way we do events of all types in business. The two key elements overlooked or lacking for all manner of reasons, not the least of which is we avoid things that are new and disruptive, are Event Media (as opposed to Marketing) and Event Presentation (as opposed to Production) …. as they just become part of the Marketing or Management and don’t get the focus deserved these days in a much changed world because they get squeezed out in a largely operational budgeting exercise. Continue reading Seduce and Enjoy – Engaging and Entertaining your Audience

There is no such thing as Sponsorship

sponsor_me1What we know as sponsorship is most likely an exercise in philanthropy or an attempt at business development…and generally aims to be a bit of both.

But there are pitfalls and disappointments ahead unless you are clear of your overall objectives.

I am sure these days that most people realise that hanging a sign on the fence when the local footy club plays is at best philanthropy…you like the club and you get a few lurks and perks as a result.

If you are happy with the philanthropy model and don’t have any real business expectations from “sponsorship” that’s fine…no need to read any more. Continue reading There is no such thing as Sponsorship