Seek ….. and You will be Found

With everyone I speak to now wanting to know how to generate business using Social media I have finally realised the Internet is one big search engine.

Whether it’s what you put into your LinkedIn Profile or your Blog Posts or your tweets etc … it’s all about being found.   So when thinking about how you want to use Social Media to max value you need to begin with the end in mind..

So while I agree that you need to start by Listening (growing bigger ears as Chris Brogan says) you needed to think about what !  (is that proper English??)

Before you write anything you need to put yourself in the shoes of the Seeker/Searcher and make sure that you develop a list of words and phrases that you then use regularly in your profile, your status, your blog etc.

If you want the old adage Seek and You will Find to work for you in developing business make sure you always make it easy for those that Seek to find you but focus on what they are looking for and not on what you want to say.

……and no matter what words and phrases you use in your efforts to be found make sure you always Say What You Be …….  but …….   What You Say……..   and focus on the benefits you can bring to the people you want to find you … not just on how good you, your business, your people etc

Aim to develop dialogue not a monologue!!

The times they are a changing… thank goodness!!

dunkindonutsWe all know that the pace of change is now faster than ever. But on a day when Kodak announced the death of Kodachrome which 74 years ago revolutionised colour film and went on tto be an iconic brand, I am still bemused by peoples reluctance to accept the benefits that Web 2.o etc can bring.

The fact that I am in bed writing this on my SmartPhone which is linked to the wireless network that drives several other devices in the house is further evidence of what is happening around us daily… yet many won’t embrace it.

The Media section of The Australian Newspaper which once only talked of Radio, TV and Print this week featured a major story on each if its six pages on Web 2.0 tools and technologies … Twitter, blogs, YouTube, MySpace all featured in big bold headlines along with articles on the the web helping newspapers survive and measuring website hits.

And now I read in Chris Brogan’s Blog of a new iPhone app to make it easier. Introducing Dunkin Run. The tool is just a simple ordering and setup tool that lets you email or text your friends, tell them when you’re leaving, and give them the option of ordering stuff from Dunkin’ Donuts. A great use of the available technology to make life easier for people to do business with you.

But there is some light appearing and a chance that the Grumpy Old Manager will embrace Social Media Marketing … especially when our Guide is released this week!!

The latest research by Pew Research shows that in the US adoption of Broadband in the home is growing rapidly at a time when people, due to economic circumstances, are cancelling or cutting back on cable TV (22%) and mobile phones (19%)

While the rate of broadband take up grew only 1% in 2008 it has grown by 6% to 63% up to April 2009.

In the past 12 months the 65 or older segment has gone from 19% to 30% and those 50 – 64 from 50% to 61%.

Interestingly the highest growth rates (34%) came from those in the lower income groups. While the well educated and well paid group remained stable at 85% adoption of broadband in the home.

So all people, especially older people, are increasingly using the Internet at home … as such it is a great place to reach key consumer groups more than ever.

I’m Baaaack

Well its been a while since I broke the blogging habit.  I let myself get snowed under by all manner of things in the Social Networking/Media/news world!!!

I have worked out Twitter, updated my Google Profile, Read Countless  Blogs,  flirted with Ning, StumpbledUpon Digg, listened to the wit and wisdom of Seth Godin and Chris Brogan … set up Squidoo Lens for Clients… not to mention discovering the power and potential of VodPod, and eCademy…..  and then I found Google Chrome and love it.

But what do all of these great tools have in common apart from the Buzz ….. they can soak up time … and not necessarily get results you hoped for

social networks by Skampy
social networks by Skampy


But when I found myself sending emails on interesting topics I was finding to all my clients I realised I was on the wrong track……  I should have been working on my blog and attracting clients, prospects and anyone interested there….

So I am back with avengance … Stay tuned for more.

Any help I can get on continuing to find my way through the Social Media maze will be greatly appreciated!!