What do you actually Do?

Having been asked “What do you actually Do?” many many times given the apparent diversity and number of Roles I play concurrently, I thought it time to spend some time on developing a simple effective elevator pitch/mantra.

And came up with my new Mantraquotes-Helping-Businesses-o

So why?

And what does it mean?

Helping Businesses of the Present Understand the Future … 

Some years ago when I co-founded See Global Medium – (SGM BrandConnectors) – a business aiming to connect businesses with markets in Asia (esp China) via new Digital forms of “advertising/marketing” using data and content as the keys to communication and connection.

I quickly realised there were great opportunities for new startup businesses (especially in digital media) because of the connections and trust (the currency of business in China)  we were developing in business, media and the highest levels of Government in China. So I immersed myself in the rapidly developing Adelaide Innovation Ecosystem.

Here through mentoring, judging, lecturing etc at Universities, Incubators, CoWorking spaces I realised that existing businesses in Australia had much to learn and if they didnt start to learn they would be in decline at best and soon. And this was just before the major Disruptors like Under, Amazon and AirbnB rose to prominence.

My focus moved from Innovation to The Future of Work and much research on what the business world was going to need to do in 5 / 10 /15 years.

Almost 10 years ago I co authored “The Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media”  with my business partner and daughter Nikki to help existing conservative Adelaide businesses understand this emerging new media. Now I know that unless these same existing business embrace new Technology, Data and Trends they will at best stagnate.

In looking ahead five years as I did with the Grumpy Guide its clear almost everything will change. But there is very good news for those that embrace the opportunities by focussing on outcomes and information rather than the Technology as defined in Kevin Kelly’s fantastic book The Inevitable Continue reading What do you actually Do?

Bringing Collaboration to Your Mainstreet

The Collaboration Space on Main

a not for profit with a commercial focus

We Believe

Innovation is the Commercialisation of Creativity for Good………. 

Through Collaboration with Communities

While there is much talk and focus on Innovation, relatively few people in the broader community know what it is and how they can help engage and foster Innovation for the benefit of all in our community.  Through our Innovation In The City group we have opened the opportunity for people to Learn and become involved.

We aim to directly reach out to the people (including small business) who Vote, Consume and Invest and get them interested and engaged to help them understand why Innovation and Collaboration are vital for the future.

Now ….What better way to get more involvement that taking Innovation to a shop front in a busy street….and in doing so bring new people, vitality and opportunities for growth to local businesses. and where better to do it than in a Neighbourhood that needs it.

Hence the Vision for a Collaboration Space comprising – CoWorking, Training, Meeting and Exhibition Spaces and incorporation a small Photographic and Recording Studio

We aim to use vacant spaces comprising 300 – 400 sq metre in Mainstreet locations in a flexible and creative way to achieve all of these aims and more.

Showcase | Exhibition | Event | Flexible Space

We want to showcase Innovation – everything from drones to 3D printing and Sustainable Energy to the Internet of Things.

Each month we expect to have sponsored hands-on exhibitions focussing on different aspects of Innovation (eg Electric Vehicles, Solar and Battery technology, Smart Cities etc)

With a focus on flexibility the space will be easily reconfigured for Pop Up events (e.g. Product Launches, Charity Fund Raisers, Art Exhibition, Fringe Shows etc)

Members of the CoWorking space would be able to use the space as their showroom from time to time.

Education | Training | Presentation | Flexible Space

At the core of the Space will be Collaboration between local businesses to grow their business and collaboration within the local neighbourhood to become the hub of the area.

Much needed flexible spaces will be available to members od=f the Space and the local community for hire at reasonable rates for meetings, training etc

We will also provide education and training to business, schools and residents using a proven Innovation Methodology to help people leverage what they have into what they need for the future, using Technology and Information as an enabler, turning Hutt St into a vibrant, diverse Innovation Precinct.

Co-Working | Meeting | Flexible Space

A Co-Working space will add further diversity to the street and provide opportunities via scholarships for young people with big ideas to have a base amongst seasoned and experienced business professionals and proven innovators.

We aim to attract a wide variety of people – not just young startups – but many experienced professionals who see that if you work for yourself you don’t need to work alone. These people may also need space for Events, Exhibitions and Training.

We would encourage large businesses, Governments (State and Local) to become members and utilise the space to give their staff and opportunity to be exposed to new people and new ways and/pr possibly sponsor start up businesses needing  place to work.

Getting the right mix of members will be vital to the success of the venture and its impact on the street and neighbourhood. As such we will make offers to various creatives such as Graphic artists, photographers, writers and producers who can utilise the Photographic and Recording studio

Co-working has grown worldwide at roughly 36% over the past twelve months and as such we expect demand to be high especially given some unique points of difference we will offer.

We expect to be able to pay commercial rents within 6 months of start up and lease the building (upstairs and downstairs) for 5 years or more based purely on revenue from Co – Working  – given predictions that 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneurs by 2020

Photographic and Recording studio

Increasingly business needs to present themselves in innovative ways especially leveraging creative imagery, video and audio,

The simple and basic facilities will provide for a professional level of production of product shots, short intro videos and even podcasting. and will be available to members, the community and local business.

Creative professionals who can make maximums of these facilities will be encouraged ti become members of the space.


Three levels of membership will be offered

Full use of all facilities

  • Coworking, Training, Exhibition and Photo/Recording Studio

Partial use of facilities

  • Coworking and/or Training and/or Exhibition and/or Photo/Recording Studio

Casual Use of any/all facilities


Collaboration is the key to innovation and business success in the future. Encouraging small business in the street and the neighbourhood will be the key focus whilst serving as a hub for the neighbourhood.

We see this space as being attractive to business of all types and government agencies  (Federal, State and Local) who want to be seen to sponsor and support Innovation.  We will recommend to these sponsors that they have some their staff work in the CoWorking space for a month or two and also provide scholarships for young people who need such a space but cant yet afford it, so they begin to experience  Innovation not just talk about it.

Our key aim is to deliver growth in the form of jobs in SA and support the Initiatives of Federal and State Governments and in particular to help local Councils deliver some of their goals in developing their city as a base for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

Our first Collaboration Space will become a model for similar centres in Australia and the re purposing of vacant retail / warehouse premises in high profile locations. in doing so we will be supporting businesses and landlords in such commercial precincts and the local community in general.