If its important and easy … why dont I do it…

juggleWhen planning for a meeting with a prospective client today I realised that I have not been practicing what I preach at all lately.  For the past two months my attention has been 1oo% dedicated to finding investment to buy a business that represents the opportunity of a life time.

But I have ignored Plan B and as a result have not done anything with my Blog, much with Twitter or LinkedIn and nothing with FaceBook or YouTube.  So while I was telling my prospects that he should be using all of the above to build business I realised I had let mine run down.

Then  when I read David Henderson’s blog as I do every day I realised I would fail his test  – How to Hire a Communications Consultant.

So its not easy but it is important to develop the discipline to do it!!  I have seen hundreds of blog worthy topics for clients … but my antennae has not been up and have not found anything for my business to blog about. Why – becaujugglese I stopped looking and concentrated on Plan A.

It is easy if you have the discipline and you don’t assume it will happen without some effort and attention.

A hard lesson has been learnt as I get back to basics ……