Are you a Prisoner of the Proven?


I recently modified the saying – “If you always do what you always did …you will always get what you always got…… ”    to

If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got…….but not for much longer

The rate of change is so rapid now that even standing still is a bit like going backwards used to be. As such it is more important than ever that people in business are not only open to change but ready to embrace it and leverage it.

Quite often when I talk to people and they tell me about the things that used to work for them or still do ….. or even perhaps they plan to go back to….I ask them if we are talking BF —   Before FaceBook…. less than 10 years ago!!

I think BF is a great milestone as it is more recent than most think and it was a defining moment in terms of the way people in general see and use computers…and communications in general.

When I first heard the term Prisoner of The Proven it really resonated with me as it summed up so much of what I hear from people who don”t want to accept the world is moving rapidly and the things that used to work may not work for much longer. Continue reading Are you a Prisoner of the Proven?

Now I should be Tweeting???

Just when I get serious about Blogging I find out I am still behind the times. I am into LinkedIn, Facebook, Pulse, Sqidoo but then along comes Twitter.

I first heard about it when a LinkedIn contact told me that I should be Twittering too. So I checked it out, joined up and had my first brief tweet but I really couldn’t see any value other than letting people know where I was…if I wanted them to know.

Now that I have read a recent post on (an excellent source of info on all areas of Communications) I needed to have a more serious look.

In this post Michael Sebastian had the following to say:

Bloggers praise Twitter and its business uses as they ditch blogging for tweeting

Twitter is the Web 2.0 application you hear about, maybe try, and then quickly determine is foolish. At least it seems foolish: You communicate with your “followers” worldwide through 140 character bursts.

One year later she has sent 10,000 Tweets (Twitter posts) and amassed 2,500 followers (which is a lot)—many of them executives, journalists and, perhaps most important, potential clients.

Laurie Fitton at Pistachio Communications who works with businesses and individual speakers to improve their presentation skills said

“All my work now comes from people I know through Twitter. All of it. Not only do all my clients come from Twitter, by the time someone contacts me, they thoroughly understand how my mind works and have already decided I am the one for the project.”

Twitter is an evolution of social media; it’s called “micro-blogging,” a kind of blend of text messaging and blogging. A number of communication bloggers have deemed it the Facebook of 2008. Most bloggers in the tech world and many in the corporate communications realm tweet as well as blog. Some bloggers have even ditched the medium altogether to become full-time tweeters.

I am off to check it out more seriously so next time I might Tweet you instead of Blogging you!!