Is Advertising Dead

Having just watched the Ad Industry’s best of the best – the ads from yesterday’s  SuperBowl – I am thoroughly convinced that Advertising is no longer capable of building a brand.

Al and Laura Ries in their book The Fall of Advertising and The Rise of PR proclaimed this some time ago….and as time goes by it seems their prediction is becoming more evident.

As Stuart Elliot wrote in todays’ New York Times “If you enjoy watching men tossed out of windows, struck by a bus, hit by a golf club, tackled by a football player or laid low by a snow globe to the crotch, then this year’s Superbowl was for you.”

Very few if any spoke to consumers the way they are expecting today. was one that did by offering advice to those worried about changing jobs in the current climate, rather than Slapstick, Celebs, Animals and recycled gimmicks.

Whilst Ries & Ries proclaim a rise in PR I would suggest it is more a rise in PR combined with Marketing….

GoDaddy was one that combined Ads with PR and use of the Net..   By launching and previewing some blatantly sexist ads which were subsequently banned they used the media to draw attention to their brand well before the Superbowl.  By the time everyone interested had watched the banned ads on-line they were keen to see the approved ad during the Superbowl … greatly prolonging effectiveness…

Utilising the PR2.0 tools and tactics (eg Social Media, Social Networks, Crowd Sourcing, Content Marketing) that are now prevalent to turn messages into real sales and loyal clients and being measured by real results that are in sync with clients’ business goals rather than focusing “column inches” is definitely where we should all aim to be .

It’s All About the Content

For quite some time I have been preaching to all who are prepared to listen that Content is everything. Whether it be websites, newsletters, articles, any from of communication is important. Forget the emphasis on look and feel until you have identified the right content.

Now I have come a cross a great website that provides plenty of substantion and some very useful tips and tools to assist you.

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