Is Chocolate a Good Reward?

chocolate1For years chocolate has been used as a reward, a lure, an incentive! So today when I visited a Nursing and Health Expo in Adelaide I should not have be surprised to find chocolates and lollies on almost every stand and in very large quantities.

And it is almost Easter.

But given my focus is on Marketing within the Wellness, Nutrition, Health area I expected better.

With Obesity and Diabetes in epidemic proportions there surely are better ways to convince young people who want a career in Nursing that you are the one to help … as you have the best supply of Sugar in the industry.

Even if thats what the attendees expect there is clearly a great marketing opportunity here that was missed by all … apart from one … who offered chocolates and a chance to win a personal training session.

Given stats that show rates of ill health, rates of smoking etc within nursing are above the norms there is a clear opportunity to show that as a recruiter or an employer that you care by not supply these incentives …  and making sure the attendees know it!!