It’s Your Bubble and Your Pyramid

Me Inc Pyramid_000001

Whenever I talk about developing your personal brand and leadership,  I talk about finding your Passion and Your Why and then I liken it to building the Pyramids and then explain how to build your personal “Me Inc” Pyramid.

I developed this concept when managing high profile sportspeople as a visual way to get them thinking about what was right or wrong for their brand.

Pyramids are made up of blocks / bricks based upon a solid foundation.  As such as we develop and grow through our life we are constantly faced with decisions about the options available to us. These options can be viewed as bricks and each assessed as to whether it adds value and strength to our pyramid or in fact it may take a brick out and lead to the pyramiFinding Your Centre_000001d collapsing

But increasingly your personal brand is about how others see you and the expectations and the norms that society wants to limit and measure you with. This has lead to developing the concept of your approach to life (your style) and hence how others perceive you as being bubble like. At the right end of the Bubble is the very traditional view of normal behaviour for a person of your age, general, race, creed, etc etc and at the other end are the boundaries that may or may not be acceptable within your society.

These days,  in the age of Disruptive Innovation,  we need to explore and push those boundaries in developing the real you without being perceived as Out of Control – just as much as you need to avoid being too “normal” and as such being seen as boring and uninteresting. Continue reading It’s Your Bubble and Your Pyramid

Want to be a Leader?? Be Courageous + Trusted + Connected


I get sick and tired of hearing from politicians and those out of touch with modern business about the Bosses vs Workers, the importance of Unions and more than anything that phase “Working Australians”

It seems if you don’t rely on someone to pay your wage every day you are a working Australian and the rest of us that help create those jobs are clearly sitting on our arses and aren’t working at all!!

These days any business going somewhere  understands that being connected with and trusted by the people that work with/for you is the key to success. As such there is no them vs us mentality in successful long term business …or there should not be if they want to continue to grow.

Having recently written about Personal Branding and  Leadership and presented to a
group of masters Students at Carnegie Mellon I have spent quite a bit of time thinking and reading about what Leadership is…. and what it is not. Continue reading Want to be a Leader?? Be Courageous + Trusted + Connected

Does your Lawyer/Accountant/Advisor bring you value…or just sent their timesheet?


When you go to a store to buy something do you ever consider how many hours it took to make it?

When you are comparing an Apple iPad with a Samsung Galaxy Pad do you think about the production process or are you more concerned about the features and the relevance to you and the cost and its affordability to you?

Are you at all concerned about the number of hours taken to manufacture it or the hourly rate paid to the workers who developed it?   …. Of Course Not!…  You either want it because it suits you need and budget or you Don’t.

In other words is it about the value it brings NOT the time taken to make it or cost of overall manufacture when you make a purchase.

So why is it when it comes to services its all about the time taken?? …irrespective of value or even efficiency – the way the time is spent.

Do you really want a lawyer who spends an aweful lot of billable hours working out you should plead guilty or one who commits to a dollar figure to get the best result for you?  Likewise should an accountant be rewarded for saving you on your tax bill or paid for the time spent wading through your receipts? Continue reading Does your Lawyer/Accountant/Advisor bring you value…or just sent their timesheet?

Disruption is a key to Innovation


The old addage about Consultants suggests that people hire Consultants to tell them what they want to hear.

But in the age where it’s Innovate or Die it’s quite the opposite.  A good Innovation Consultant will have little regard for how the business or industry has always done things and will tell you things you may not want to hear.

In a recent article about Johathan Mildenhall – Coca Cola’s Global Head of Advertising – and his first visit to Australia he sums up part of the role within a business.

In the past Coke has used celebrity ambassadors to promote their products and appear in ads.  But now they are utilising them in the business in key creative roles.

Rapper Will.I.Am, designer Marc Jacobs and movie maker Ridley Scott are employed because they have no understanding of Cokes business but they do understand what consumers want.

As Mildenhall says in the article…

“They are so disruptive

They have no regard for our structure, our hierachy, our processes or our reserach techniques

They have no understanding of how the company works so they come from a very pure creative and strategic perspective

We pay them to challenge us and challenge the opportunities around our brands.”

To stimulate Innovation it is vital to have little regard for the history of the industry, the current proceses etc and challenge why you keep doing what you have always done when the needs and expectations of the consumer have changed dramatically in the last 10 years as they have embraced technology and new media more than business.

Despite their on going success Coke is doing the hard work of constantly challenging the way they do things to ensure they are aligned with changing consumer expectations.

Creativity is easy. It is the implementation of the creativity that is hard work.  So lets embrace the hard work of Change.