Write Drunk ….. Edit Sober

short blog post squareNow that I have your attention with that headline let me explain why that Hemmingway quote is way more appropriate than it looks.

In my constant quest for new and valuable sayings for the The Grumpy Old Manger’s Guide (aka Me) to get his message across simply to the masses I recently came up with the words on the left.

Everytime I start a blog or any project for that matter that involves writing I am well aware of the old addage Less is More.  This is particularly so in an age where we are being bombarded by messages and information in one way shape or form all day long.

But first let me explain why I believe in the age of YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare, SnapChat ,Instagram etc etc why writing is an even more vital business skill than ever.

Even better let me have Ann Handley author of several books and articles on the topic put it very succinctly

If you have a website, you are a publisher. If you are on social media, you are in marketing. And that means we are all writers.

Writing matters more now, not less. Our online words are our emissaries: They tell our customers who we are.

Our writing can make us look smart or it can make us look stupid. It can make us seem fun, or warm, or competent, or trustworthy—or it can make us seem humdrum or discombobulated or flat-out boring. That’s true whether you’re writing a listicle or the words on a SlideShare deck, and it’s also true of the words you’re reading right here, right now…

– See more at: http://annhandley.com/everybodywrites/#sthash.y7rj6Y6j.dpuf

I totally agree with Ann on the absolute importance of writing in business today but would add two elements to her words Begin with Creativity and End with Brevity.  In other words start by making it interesting to you and end with an edit that makes it interesting to the reader. Continue reading Write Drunk ….. Edit Sober

Walk, Talk, Email….but Look Out!!

I had planned to  follow up my recent blog Walking, Talking and Emailing around with some warnings and advice.  Such as Look where you are going, dont email and text while walking etc etc.

I was going to point out there is an iPhone app that lets you see where you are going and that texting and while walking has been banned in a New Jersey town.… but on that very day….

I had a meeting with colleague who arrived limping.

When asked what had happened he told me the sorry story.  He had been walking through a carpark to his car when a text arrived.  As you do he looked at his phoneand opened the text message as texts are surely the most urgent communication of all these days!!

And  the next thing he knew he was on the ground having been hit by a car that come around a corner and having not seen him or maybe moreso not expecting to see anyone had hit him.

A very sore leg and foot plus a dislocated shoulder were the least of his concerns…… his bag containing his MacBook Pro had been run over by the car’s back whell and ahs iPhone had been smashed after being flung from his grasp.

Tp make matters worse his back up disk was in the bag as he was taking it to his offce.   Suffice to say the MacBook and the backup disk were smashed and very little data could be recovered.

As a result it has taken As long to mend his lost data as it has his near broken bones.

So the messages here are Walking and Texting dont mix and backups need to be keep well apart from the main drive.   I find the Cloud the way to go this days with all my key info backed up twice a day using Dropbox ….. a largely free service that gives you access to your info where ever you are.

Perhaps I should rename that blog ….Walking, Stopping to look left and right and then Talking and Emailing around

Are you a Maven, a Butterfly, a Selective or a Wallflower

email_marketing black by emoner74The recent report by the Altimeter Group show a direct link between social media activity and revenue growth by analysing the world’s most valuable brands.

The report showed that those with the highest level of activity increased revenue by 18% while those with the lowest fell by 6 %.

The top five being:

  1. Starbucks
  2. Dell
  3. EBay
  4. Google
  5. Microsoft

These brands and others that have been most active in social media are classified as “mavens”.

In assigning categories the report classifies those Brands that:

  • spread themselves thinly across many platforms as “butterflies”
  • do it very well in very few but appropriate platforms as “selectives”
  • sit on the sidelines waiting as “wallflowers”

In a recent survey by email marketing specialist Bill McCloskey he has analysed links by the top 100 to Facebook and Twitter and found some startling results. Of the top 10 only Gap, Pepsi, Sony and Hewlett Packard have included such links in email marketing over the past month.

As such there is much scope for these and other companies to grow Social Media activity via email linking.

But despite this, what interested me most about his research was the growth in such linking over the past three years. In 2007 there were 215 campaigns with a Twitter link, in 2008 there was a 1,081% growth to 2,540 and in the past 12 months the growth has been 41,399. The figures for Facebook 729, 2,540 and 41,052.

So the message is – become a maven or a selective if you want to grow business and make sure that in email campaigns you get maximum value by linking to Twitter, Facebook and other platforms you utilise to build your network.

Once again the numbers show that Twitter is where it is at … for now!!!