Even on Sunday – Harvey is listening

For the past couple of weeks Harvey Norman have been advertising Flip SD Video cams for $78 or $88. As the one I have has a cracked screen I decided to buy one.  So I took trips to two stores over the past two weeks  … but alas neither store had any in stock… despite being in the store at 9 am on the day the catalogue appeared.

So today I turned to Twitter to see if they were listening. In my Social Media presentations I quote the COO of Harvey Norman from a recent interview where he says he has a small team who listen to Social Media to ensure customer alignment so i was very pleased to have a reason to test them out.

As you will see my Tweet was reTweeted and very quickly picked up by The Manager for Social Media who apologised for the delay in getting back to me….even though he responded within an hour or so on Sunday evening!!

He followed through on email to get further details and has assured me I will hear from my nominated store tomorrow once they have one in stock for me.

So I am pleased to know they are listening … and outside of normal hours … and they are effective in responding and dealing with the problem.

In my next presentation I will go from quote to personal case study.

Twitter is changing service for the better …. just a pity there are so few that have embraced it  yet in Adelaide!!

Its Definately Not A Fad

Increasingly in our business we are seeing the need to use Video to tell our clients’ stories effectively. The Internet now affords us a cost effective delivery mechanism and the proliferation of simple but effective videos on the net (e.g. YouTube) allows us to produce it cost effectively by keeping the production simple.

The guys at Turn Here have some great examples of the sorts of videos I am talking about on their site and if you as them they will send you an excellent White Paper explaining the how an why of Internet Video.

A great tool for shooting an editing simple video on the run specifically for internet use is the Flip Video Camera … at less then $200 this is an amazing tool that all communicators should carry with them these days.

MyRaganTV have a great review of it on their site.. you should watch it to find out more. At the time of writing they are only available in the US.