Have I seen the future of email………..maybe???

Google Wave

In my last blog I talked about where email might be going …  and now I might have seen the delivery of a vision much broader.  I have become one of the chosen few given the opportunity to try  a pre release version of Google Wave ….   I think that means help find the bugs for them!!

A former colleague in the US and now “business partner” (we re-discovered each other on LinkedIn a few months ago) has provided me with what I now know to be a scarce as hens teeth invite to check it out.

Certainly it promises much as Google say it is “what email would look like if it were invented today as opposed to almost 40 years ago!!

In essence it enables groups to edit, collaborate, discuss and develop documents simultaneously online.  On my first look it certainly isnt intuitive … you wont get far until you RTFM (thats read the …. manual for those who dont have an old fashioned IT/MIS/DP/EDP/ADP background).  It looks great but provides no prompts or ideas about what to do.

But there are already some extensive guides available online …  So first do as I am doing get hold of one and work through it.  I will be using Wave on the project I am working with my man in the US on and will provide feedback as i go.  If you want an overview and sneak peak check out the videos on YouTube… there are predictably plenty!!

But I think I have now seen the future of email … and I think I love it.        

Love to hear from anyone else out there who has had any exposure to The Wave!!!

Wether you have a testimonial or an acrimonial love to hear it!!